Veganism Is Reasonable

Veganism Is Reasonable

Via Stephanie via Animal Blawg I found this casual poll of “attitudes towards veganism.”

Unfortunately, the pollster doesn’t’ quite understand that veganism is not a “dietary regimen.” The pollster doesn’t understand that veganism is a lifestyle.


vegan: person who seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

Note: 1) clothing or any other purpose, 2) seeks to exclude.

Veganism is about avoiding intentional, unnecessary harm to animals. Vegans generally avoid eating animal flesh, animal secretions, wearing animal skins, or using unnecessary products that have been tested on animals (such as cosmetics). Vegans generally understand that it’s virtually impossible to live an entirely animal-free life in modern society, but vegans try to do so as much as possible.

Anyhoo… the poll results indicate that even though the majority of respondents are NOT vegans themselves, they view veganism as reasonable.

At the time that I took the poll, 49% or poll-takers asserted that veganism is “a reasonable personal choice.” 20% more say that veganism is morally defensible and they admire vegans.

Here’s a video on that topic:

And speaking of polls, here’s a worthwhile poll: Diet and Lifestyle Choices >>

2 Responses to Veganism Is Reasonable

  1. That veganism is reasonable seems self-evident. Veganism is simply what happens when people of normal moral caliber make their beliefs about what they should do cohere with their preexisting ethical beliefs. Reasonableness requires coherence.

  2. Exactly, when people decide to eat like they think, when they decide to put the concept that ‘needless killing is wrong’ into practice, then they become vegan.


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