Vegan Vacationing Made Easy

Vegan Vacationing Made Easy

Memorial Day is just around the corner. After that comes Summer.  School’s out and the weather is often fantastic. Many people will be vacationing during these times.

But what’s a vegan vacationer to do? It’s hard enough being vegan at home where everything is familiar. Being vegan on the road can be more challenging. We’ve covered the topic before here on Vegan Soapbox. But this time I’m going to share another option. It’s so simple you’re going to laugh.

Imagine, what’s the easiest way to eat a healthy vegan diet away from home? Buying vegan food at restaurants can be tricky even with help from VegGuide. And it’s not always healthy. When you cook at home it’s likely to be healthier, less expensive, and you can be certain it’s vegan. So what should you look for in a travel destination? A KITCHEN!

Yes, it’s that simple.

But where do you find kitchens? Here are a few options:

  • Travel by RV or 5th Wheel
  • Camp and use an outdoor kitchen (campfire or BBQ will work, but there are also portable outdoor stoves and sunovens)
  • Timeshares (most have kitchens or kitchenettes) – here is a map to US timeshares
  • Vacation rental condos or homes – VBRO is a website to rent vacation homes directly from owners
  • Couchsurf and use their kitchens
  • Motels with kitchens or kitchenettes

I’ve done all of the above (except couchsurf). Doing my own cooking generally makes my vacation less stressful, more fun, and less damaging to my BMI too. So consider finding a kitchen for your next vacation. It might make the difference between a dietary disaster or great vegan adventure!

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  1. Self-catering accommodation can be pretty expensive if you are single though.


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