Vegan Movie Snacks

Let’s go to the movies!

But wait, what will we snack on?

Popcorn is easily made vegan with margarine or just plain salt. But there are plenty of other great snacks to eat while watching movies. Here are some of the vegan items currently available at most movie theaters:

  • Red Vines – these sweet chewy candies are at every movie theater I’ve ever been to.
  • Swedish Fish – again, another chewy candy that’s often available at the movies.
  • Mike N Ikes – iconic movie treats that just happen to be vegan.
  • Pretzels – some movie theaters have pretzels now. If you get them with just salt and/or mustard then they’re usually vegan (or vegan-enough for most vegans).
  • Nachos no cheese – like pretzels, these are becoming more common in movie theaters. Order nachos without cheese and you’ve got a vegan snack of chips.

You can also take a chance and sneak some food into the theater. Small healthy treats like fruit or nuts can easily be stashed in a pocket or purse.

And if that’s not good enough or you don’t want to risk sneaking food into a theater, then consider these easily alternatives:

  • Go to the drive-in where you can bring all your own snacks.
  • Watch movies at home on DVD or Netflix.
  • Go to outdoor shows (often in the Summer time, usually geared towards families with children).

While it’s easy to get by as a vegan anywhere you go, so long as you’re creative and resourceful, it would certainly be nice if movie theaters offered more for vegans. It’d be great if they simply improved their food chouices to include more healthy options – for the benefit of everyone!

Here is a short list of things I wish you could buy at every movie theater consession stand:

  • Edamame – this protein-packed snack is perfect for the movies. You can flavor it with salt or other spices and crunch down just like popcorn.
  • Cashews – almost everyone loves these nuts so why aren’t they more readily available?
  • Fruit – granted, fresh fruit is likely to make a mess but dried fruit is a great snack that’s very neat and tidy.
  • Energy bars -

What vegan foods are on your list?

4 Responses to Vegan Movie Snacks

  1. I love roasted chickpeas for a snack. Have you tried them? It’s my first time to hear about Edamame. Where can I get those?

  2. Edamame are just plain soybeans. They are usually in the frozen section at a typical grocery store. You can steam them and salt them. Then eat the beans (not the pods) for a healthy snack!

  3. What else can i do with the frozen edamame? Need recipes

  4. those tortillas are nasty… the only thing that made them good was the gross fake cheese on them… I don’t eat that now… so i def will skip on the chip….


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