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October is Vegan Month of Food. Vegan Soapbox will have something about vegan food virtually every day for the month of October. Today: A Vegan Food Survey.

Taking a cue from Where’s The Revolution, I’ll give my answers to this survey. Follow suit in the comments here or on your own blogs if you wish.

1. What was the most recent tea you drank?
Iced tea at a restaurant. I like iced tea mixed with lemonade.

2. What vegan forums do you post/lurk on? If so, what is your username? Spill!
I usually go by the mysterious name Elaine Vigneault. I post at ThePPK, VeggieBoards, TheVeganForum, CompassionateCooks, and Happy Cow. I would post at Vegan Freaks, but they won’t let me.

3. You have to have tofu for dinner, and it has be an Italian dish. What comes to mind first?
Lasagna. Sorry it’s so boring.

4. How many vegan blogs do you read on an average day?
There are about 50 or so in my reader, but I don’t read everyone everyday. I probably only read 5 or 6.

5. Besides your own, what is the most recent one you’ve read?
Besides Where’s The Revolution, I just read What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat, Anyway? and Easy Vegan.

6. If you could hang out with a vegan blogger that you haven’t met, who would it be, and what would you do?
I’m shy and nervous and think everyone hates me, so the people I idolize I wouldn’t really want to hang out with. They’ve already called me names. I won’t say who they are.

7. If you had to base your dinners for a week around one of the holy trilogy – tofu, seitan or tempeh, which would it be?
Tofu, simply because it’s more familiar and easier to find.

8. If you had to use one in a fight, which would it be?
Seitan, because why wouldn’t I want to fight with something that sounds like the devil?

9. Name 3 meals you’d realistically make with that tough protein of choice!
I don’t really cook with seitan. I think I’ve cooked it myself once or twice. I let restaurants cook it for me. Truthfully, I don’t center meals around protein.

10. What’s a recipe in vegan blogland that you’ve been eyeing?
It’s old and I keep saying I’ll try it and I never do: Champagne Scallops.

11. Do you own any clothing with vegan messages/brands on them?
Yeah. I have one that says “Save the planet. Go veg.” and another that says “Vegetarianism: wish you were here.” and one that says “Veg*n” and another that says “vegan blogger”…

12. Have you made your pilgrimage to the ‘vegan mecca’ yet? (Portland, duh)
No. I am seriously afraid that if I go I’ll never come back.

13. What age did you first go vegan? Did it stick?
Question 13 is 13!. No, it didn’t stick. Pre-teens are mean. They ruined my food. I felt like an outcast. So I gave up after a year and went back to vegetarianism.

14. What is the worst vegan meal you’ve had? Who cooked it?
I’m not going to answer that. There have been a lot of terrible meals. I just move on and try something else.

15. What made you decide to blog?
I am compulsive. I have almost always kept a diary. I was blogging before I was vegan, so the whole vegan blog thing came later. I decided to start this website, Vegan Soapbox, when my veganism spilled over into other blogs’ comments and I just really felt I needed more space to develop my vegan ideas. I wanted to get things down in black and white – it helps me hash out new ideas. People seem to think if you write it that it’s final, but it’s not. It’s ALWAYS a work in progress. The writing is part of the development. And then I invited more writers to contribute and now it’s a group blog. (Do you want to contribute? If you’re vegan, send me an email at admin @ Anyway, vegan blogs are the way to go

16. What are three of your favorite meals to make?
Tacos – they’re fun, easy, cheap, and quick.
Pasta – satisfying, easy, and endless possibilities.
Rice something or other – again it’s easy, quick, and cheap.

17. What dish would you bring to a vegan Thanksgiving-themed potluck?
Either something hearty like my potpie or something light and fresh like a fruit salad.

18. Where is your favorite vegan meal at a restaurant? How many times have you ordered it?
The vegan tuna panini at Red Velvet in Vegas. I’ve ordered it about 6 times I think.

19. What do you think the best chain to dine as a vegan is?
It all depends. I think salad bar restaurants are a great option, so places like SuperSalad and Sweet Tomatoes. For fast food, I’d have to go with Subway (veggie, no cheese), Del Taco (bean burrito, no cheese), Carl’s Jr (baked potato or salad bar), or Evos. And then there’s CPK, PF Chang’s, and that ilk. But often I head for sushi or Indian. They’re both generally very accommodating for vegans when you ask.

20. My kitchen needs ………
A lot of things. Well, nothing is truly needed because it’s perfectly adequate. But yeah, I’d like a nut milk maker, a bread maker, a heavy-duty mixer, a dehydrator, more mixing bowls and cookie sheets… But what I’ve been really thinking about getting lately isn’t for the kitchen: a sun oven. Hello? I live in Vegas. I need a sun oven.

21. This vegetable is not allowed in my kitchen…..!
No rules like that. However, my husband doesn’t like bananas. So we keep those to a minimum. Oh, and I don’t like olives or mushrooms, but I don’t care if they’re in the kitchen.

22. What’s for dinner tonight?
Potato leek soup.

23. Compose your perfect vegan sandwich, right now.
Virtually anything with avocado will win my praise.

24. Add a question here!
To the readers, what do you wish more vegan blogs discussed?

6 Responses to Vegan MoFo: Vegan Survey

  1. What a fun idea. Shall add this to my blog very soon.

    By the way, you’ve been tagged from a fellow Vegan MoFo-er (that’s me!). Take a photo of your vegan freezer and describe what’s in it. This idea is the brainchild of Vegan Talk:

    Sending big vegan hugs,

    ~ Recent blog post: Oct 23, Easy Vegan Cooking and Nutrition ~

  2. No bananas? Madness!

    To the readers, what do you wish more vegan blogs discussed?

    I would love to see more blogs/bloggers address intersecting oppressions (Vegans of Color springs to mind), especially since the more mainstream, non-AR blogs seem completely uninterested in considering animal advocacy issues. *coughcough*

    And, more cake. You can never have too much cake.

  3. It’s those very subtle vegan blogs I like such as

    Happy World Vegan Day!

  4. No ! You can never have too much vegan cake!

    ~ Recent blog post: Vegan Month ~

  5. I don’t know what I’d like to see more discussed on blogs… but I myself wish I did more recipes. Like, the down and dirty work of veganizing all my family’s and my husband’s family’s traditional recipes…

    ~ Recent blog post: some swedish things ~


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