Vegan MoFo: Halloween Candy

October is Vegan Month of Food. Vegan Soapbox will have something about vegan food everyday for the month of October. Today: Halloween Candy.

Here are some resources to help you figure out which candies are vegan or how to have a healthy Halloween:

If you want to take it one step further and make your Halloween not just vegan, but pro-animal, you might want to consider handing out a little more than candy. When kids come to your house Trick or Treating, how about giving them a children’s themed animal rights pamphlet?

You can order some from an organization or you could make your own. PETA has kid themed literature like coloring books and comic books. You can buy them or download the PDFs and print them yourself. (Thanks to Bea for the idea.)

    By the way, October 31st is also Nevada Day. I live in Las Vegas and many people get a day off work (the last Friday of October) to celebrate Halloween, er, Nevada Day. It’s the day Nevada became a part of the Union. I just wanted to share that :)

    6 Responses to Vegan MoFo: Halloween Candy

    1. There’s also a few other sites – some with printable kid info:
      And lots of stuff at:
      I’ve got a box of cd’s I never use. I might try recording an animal friendly video and opt for that instead of (or with) candy.
      Thanks for passing the info on. Keep up your good works – We love you :)

    2. Great resources, Bea!

    3. I made up a few printable flyers that others might be able to print/use if they wish… Or send me more and I’ll add them –

      Spooky “anonymous” vegan literature – how frightening! :)

    4. Greetings! Over at, we just published the latest guide to vegan Halloween Candy. Check it out!


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