Vegan Iron

Jack Norris, RD, has a blog about vegan nutrition. His latest post is about iron. He offers some suggestions to increase your iron intake and absorption:

“try eating spinach and oranges at the same meal, on a regular basis. The spinach for iron, and the orange for vitamin C which increases iron absorption. Other iron tips:

* Avoiding black or green tea and coffee at meals.
* Adding a source of vitamin C at meals.
* Increasing legume (peanuts, beans, lentils, peas) intake.
* Cooking foods (especially water based acidic foods like tomato sauce)
in cast iron skillets.”

Personally, I’ve never had an iron deficiency. I eat a wide variety of vegan foods and I love beans and lentils. But it’s always good to know about this stuff because it comes up in conversations with nonvegans and vegans alike.


For information on the other kind of vegan iron, check out:

4 Responses to Vegan Iron

  1. I have always had an iron deficiency/iron absorption problem. When I was in college my doctor recommended dried apricots. That cleared up the problem. Unfortunately I can no longer eat dried fruits on a rgular basis.

  2. The only vegetarians/vegans I’ve know who have had an iron deficiency had a deficiency because of some non-diet cause such as an intestinal parasite.

  3. Many women have low iron due to menstruation. Women need more iron than men due to their monthly loss of blood. Some women are totally unaware of their low iron levels and just attribute their chronic fatigue to stress or lack of sleep. Fortified cereals are also a good source of iron for non meat eaters.


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