Vegan Food In Vegas: A Thanksgiving Tour

Vegan Food In Vegas: A Thanksgiving Tour

There’s only one 100% vegan restaurant in Las Vegas: Pura Vida Bakery and Bystro. While that place is fantastic – and I mean FANTASTIC! – it’s not the only place I eat vegan food in Vegas. In fact, this week was a vegan food adventure!

Here’s where and what I ate this last week in Las Vegas, Nevada…

Last Friday I met up with three other veg moms (one was vegan and one was vegetarian) and their babies. The three of us veg-heads, our beautiful veg children, and three other friends and family members dined together at Red Velvet Cafe in the Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Boulevard (aka The Strip). This is the second Red Velvet location; the first restaurant is located on West Sahara near Buffalo. While Red Velvet is not a vegan restaurant, it’s very vegan-friendly because virtually all the menu items can be made vegan and all of the desserts are vegan. I usually enjoy the vegan tuna melt wrap but this time I ate one of the vegan chicken wraps. It was fantastic. I followed it with a pumpkin cake.

Tis the season to splurge on food and drink, agterall. But why hurt animals in the process? Do it vegan!

red velvet
Photo from Dish Tip.

On Tuesday I had planned to take my mom to Bar+Bistro for vegan tapas and some light drinks. This place has a new soy-free vegan menu in a hip urban environment at The Arts Factory downtown. Last time I was there I had a vegan margherita pizza. This time I wanted to try the stuffed peppers, lentil soup, and/or the artichokes. And I thought of washing it down with a nice sangria.

Photo from Naga

Alas, I lost my car keys and couldn’t take my mom out. An hour later we made plans with my sister who drove us to Naga, a new Thai restaurant in Henderson (at Horizon and Horizon). Naga is very vegan-friendly like most Thai restaurants and will substitute tofu for any meat or egg. But they go above and beyond by marking their menu with a vegan logo to inform patrons that those dishes can be made 100% vegan (no fish sauce or anything like that). We order the Fried Tofu, Tom Kah, Pad Thai, Yellow Curry, and both white and brown rice along with a couple beers.

By the way, is a great website to learn about vegan beer and wine.

Wednesday was Vegas Vegan Drinks which takes place at Yayo Taco across from UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). This place has some vegan tacos and a wide selection of beers. We meet there and get the veg plate, alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, and then we chat about all things vegetarian, vegan, and Las Vegan. UNLV is “home of the rebels” so it seems only fitting that rebellious vegans should meet near there for drinks and tasty (yet compassionate) food. There’s usually about 8 to 15 of us vegetarians and vegans who meet there – and more joining us all the time!


Thursday was Thanksgiving. We hosted at my house and cooked up a store-bought Cranberry Hazelnut Roast by Field Roast. My nephew brought over some delish sweet potato casserole and my sister brought the vegan stuffing and a salad. My husband made a fruit salad with kiwis and papaya. My mom made vegan pumpkin pies and she roasted some baby carrots. She also made a fantastic Three Sister’s Stew. The stew recipe introduction says this about the ingredients:

“In Native American mythology, squash, corn, and beans are known as of the ‘three sisters.’ These are the very crops, along with garden vegetables, that the harvest festival of Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate!”

We’ve had this stew for Thanksgiving before. It’s so good and so seasonal that I plan to make it a part of our traditional family Thanksgiving meal.

Most Americans know about Black Friday, the big day of shopping after Thanksgiving. In Animal Rights communities, however, we participate in Fur-Free Friday. Every year on Black Friday there are fur protests around the nation. While people are out shopping for Christmas, AR people remind them not to buy fur. So I attended the local Fur-Free Friday demonstration on Las Vegas Boulevard and since I had a gift card for Red Velvet Cafe, I planned on eating there again after holding up my “Shop Cruelty-Free; Don’t Buy Fur” sign for a couple hours.

But Red Velvet was very busy due to all the shopping and so I left my activist friends and headed across the street to the Wynn casino/hotel. Every restaurant at the Wynn offers a separate vegan menu. So my family and I went to the Terrace Pointe Cafe and ordered the vegan burger deal. It’s nine dollars for a vegan cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake. It tastes just like a McDonald’s Happy Meal from childhood. And it’s great. It’s such a guilty pleasure.

This week made my taste buds very happy.

And just so you know, I barely scratched the surface on places to eat vegan in Vegas. For more options check out these links:

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  1. We MUST go to a Wynn restaurant when I visit over Christmas time.


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