Vegan Blogroll

Vegan Blogroll

When I saw the atheist blogroll I thought a vegan blogroll was a good idea.

But I procrastinated and never did it. Luckily, someone else did: Vegan Blogroll at blogspot.

The vegan blogroll is a collection of vegan bloggers, each different and unique but united as vegans, sort of like a vegan blog buffet.

Here is a selection of the current vegan bloggers in the Vegan Blogroll:

The Vegan Blogroll is an emerging force in the vegan blogosphere, connecting many vegans voices. Here are some of the latest headlines from the included blogs:

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The blogroll is still developing, as far as I know, and you can add your vegan blog to the list if you like. Go here for details.

I have hopes of expanding the vegan blogroll into a more developed directory of the vegan web. Some models are:

But those models aren’t all up-to-date. And they’re just one interpretation of the vegan web. There are other ways of organizing the information.

Join the Vegan Blogroll!

Besides, vegan bloggers can use more link love and traffic, right?

2 Responses to Vegan Blogroll

  1. The scroller is not scrolling…
    …hmm, may need more vegan blogs listed. It’s jumping up and down with anticipation! LOL

  2. Thanks for the links, I’ve been looking for some blog rolls to list my vegetarian/vegan blog on and found veg blogrolls are actually harder to come by than I imagined… appreciate it :)

    Johanna @


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