Vegan Bites: Your Choices

Vegan Bites: Your Choices

“Every day, you make choices that either help support cruelty to animals, or help end it. You have the power to save animals from miserable existences on factory farms and painful and terrifying deaths in slaughterhouses with nothing more than your choice of what to eat.” read more >>

Happy Meat:
“The backlash against industrial meat has been brewing for many reasons. Ever-increasing knowledge of the industry’s effect on the environment, human starvation and animal welfare, is making it harder for even the most ardent omnivore to consume meat without guilt.”

“You’re familiar with the Happy Food phenomenon? That is the doozy where people believe a bunch of public relations nonsense about free-ranging, no-cage livestock. People feel better about selling and buying meat. Everyone wins. Well, all the two-legged, opposably thumbed animals win, at least.”

“I’m very pleased with my new diet. I really like eating this way, and I’m still losing weight at a steady clip without particularly working at it at all. Some milestones I hit this month:
* I measured my blood pressure at 109/78. This was the first time in over 15 years that both numbers were under 120/80. During those years my pressure usually hung out between 130/85 and 140/90.
* I’ve lost 10% of my starting body weight.”

“Here are some ideas for super easy and yummy foods to serve that will satisfy vegan and non-vegan friends.”

Sarah Kramer’s Nanaimo Bars, the video >>

Field Roast: “our grain meats are not fake, meatless or analog. They are meaty, and completely vegan…two things we insist are NOT mutually exclusive.” read more >>


“NFL superstar Herschel Walker announced that even though his group cooked chicken for the challenge, he didn’t taste it because he’s a vegetarian! ”

“No matter what their rationale, these vegan advocates are busily creating a robust food culture, with new cookbooks and gourmet recipes, hip new restaurants, new products, and an explosion of Web sites and chat rooms devoted to a plant-based lifestyle.”

“Today, feathers and down – cruelly-begotten products of an incredibly lucrative industry – show up stuffed in our comforters and puffed up in our coats. Though geese and ducks are the primary victims, ostriches, too, suffer immense pain and distress as the result of humans taking their soft down and colorful plumes.” listen here >>


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