Vegan Bites: Travel, Food, And More

Vegan Bites: Travel, Food, And More

Here’s your vegan news… hot off the presses (or rather, teh internets).

Below, there are resources for travel and cooking. Plus there’s news about PETA, vegan bloggers, and a bit about e coli.

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Veg Travel: As a vegan who has been to Paris twice and never once felt the need to eat animals, I assure you there is plenty of vegetarian food in France despite anyone’s protestations. But now a new book will soon be out called “A Vegetarian in Paris”. The book features “more than 300 restaurants that serve pure vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly fare” and should demonstrate why the Paris Exemption is poorly named. The guidebook offers a grand set of solutions for travelers committed to eating kindly. Read more about the new book here >>

Don’t forget, too, that if you need to find vegan, vegetarian, or veg-friendly eats whilst traveling check out these websites:

Vegan Food: Want a recipe for black bean and beer soup? Sounds like a great idea for the cold winter nights. Here you go >>

Wintertime is cookie time, so here’s a recipe for Pistachio Praline Linzer Cookies >>

And here’s a recipe for curry burgers that look awefully good >>

Vegan Pie in the Sky is now widely available. Pick up a copy today from Amazon and support us at Vegan Soapbox.

Bloggers who quit: Erik Marcus of announced “After nearly three years and more than 5000 posts, I’ve decided to pull the plug on daily blogging.” The key here is the daily part. He is still updating his blog, just not as often.

And the blogger at Quarry Girl says “This blog is no longer updated” and cites life as the problem: “i used to have a vegan blog, but life got in the way.” Oh well.

Grass-fed cow flesh: “when it comes to E. coli O157:H7, the advantages of grass-fed beef aren’t so clear. In fact, exploring the connection between grass-fed beef and these dangerous bacteria offers a disturbing lesson in how culinary wisdom becomes foodie dogma and how foodie dogma can turn into a recipe for disaster. Step back from it all and veganism starts to look like the best option.” read more at Eating Plants >>

PETA stuff: “For the second consecutive year, Northwestern University has been selected by peta2, an affiliate of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as the most vegan-friendly college in the small U.S. schools category.” read more here >>

“Just in time for the holiday season, [PETA] will be showcasing the top 20 vegetarians of all-time by putting their faces on postage stamps.” read more at Ecorazzi >>

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4 Responses to Vegan Bites: Travel, Food, And More

  1. You should see this that’s really amazig vegetarian site!

  2. Have had to cut out meat due to health issues. Wasn’t too happy about it at first but after a while it’s not too tough. Can be though when traveling, especially to Italy and Spain. Thanks for the info on Paris. Cheers, Brid

  3. You have given me hope! Thank you for the heads up on Paris; I’ve been several times, but never as a vegan, so now I will look forward to my next trip!

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