Vegan Bites: Theory, Activism, & Recipes

Vegan Bites: Theory, Activism, & Recipes

Random news, views, and stews related to veganism:

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3 Responses to Vegan Bites: Theory, Activism, & Recipes

  1. Here’s an article I found through :

    It’s great, well-written…I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Yeah, that’s a pretty good article :)

  3. We would love a link on your website to our great vegan dog food, V-dog, and, of course, we would link to your website. We are vegan and animal activists. I am Chairman of the Board of United Animal Nations (UAN), we have 35 people in Iowa working on animal shelters as we speak. Also, I represent PETA in the California Animal Association (CAA), a group devoted to passing animal friendly legislation. We are working on a huge animal bill to ban battery cages, veal crates and pig gestation crates here in CA this November.
    Thanks, Dave


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