Vegan Bites: News And More

Vegan Bites: News And More

Just some links and stuff…
you know, vegan news, recipes, and musings…

  • “Jake is deaf. This puts him in the ‘less adoptable‘ category by most shelters and potential adopters. [...] being a cat in that shelter was essentially a death sentence, with around 93% of all cats being killed. I adopted him” read more >>
  • Peanut Butter Fudge vegan ice cream: “Talk about decadent! For this dish, I basically made the recipe slightly less sweet and more chocolatey, and swirled in some natural peanut butter and dark chocolate fudge sauce” read more >>
  • Fish is not vegetarian food (well, it’s actually not even food in the first place, but if you are going to eat it, please don’t call yourself a vegetarian). This myth is perpetuated over and over.” read more >>
  • “‘What is pork, exactly?’ my 6-year-old daughter, Frances, asked, eyeing her tenderloin with suspicion. We had just finished reading Charlotte’s Web. ‘Pork is the word we use to describe meat that comes from a pig,’ I said” keep the conversation going >>
  • Bright Quinoa Salad here >>
  • “Just this week, Harper answered some fan questions on his site Not only did he talk about his veganism, but he talked about it a lot and offered some healthy, plant-based dietary advice.” more >>
  • “If there’s anything that upsets me more than seeing an animal on the road who’s been hit by a car, it’s knowing that the driver simply kept going.” read more here >>
  • “the Spanish region of Catalonia voted 68 to 55 to ban bullfightingmore >>
  • A July 14 TIME article chronicles the animal rights movement’s progression into mainstream culture in both the U.S. and abroad.” more here >>


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