Vegan Bites: July 2012

Vegan Bites: July 2012

Every so often we publish a round-up of vegan-themed news and information. This is that round-up.

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Without further ado, here are the news and views…

“Mercy For Animals spent the Fourth of July holiday advocating for farmed animals in a head-turning protest against Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contestread more at the MFA blog >>

A recent poll from NPR found that 39% of Americans are eating less meat. “Among those who are eating less meat, 66 percent said they’re worried about the health effects; 47 percent said cost is a factor, while 30 percent were concerned about animal welfare, and 29 percent have limited their meat intake out of a concern for the environment.” see the cool graph and read the whole story here >>

Want to visit a farmed animal sanctuary? Take a look at this list from Farm Sanctuary and add a stop on your Summer vacation!

Due to the hard work of Compassion Over Killing (COK) and The Humane League, several Subway Cafés in Maryland, DC, and Virginia are featuring three new all-vegan savory sandwiches: Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek, and Italian Black Bean. Add your voice to the list requesting that ALL Subway stores offer these options here:

Do you know about the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart? It’s a free program that will email you recipes and tips for transitioning to a vegan diet. It even has an iphone app. It’s a great resource for the “omnivore on the fence.” Check it out >>

“In a national survey, fewer than half of the participants realized meat contaminated with fecal food-poisoning bacteria such as Salmonella can still legally be sold. Rather than producing safe products, the meat industry shifts the responsibility for safety onto the consumer.” See the video about this >>

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Lastly, a funny video about the differences between gays and vegans:

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  1. I really love visiting farmed animal sanctuaries! I’ve visited Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and found it to be a simply magical experience. Kids really enjoys it too.


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