Vegan Bites: Health, Rights, Food, Etc.

Vegan Bites: Health, Rights, Food, Etc.

Here are your bits of vegan-related news and information from around the web.

Today it’s categorized by general subject: health, rights, food, and then everything else.

If you’ve written about or read about vegan-related issues online and want to share, please leave a link in the comments section below.


  • Hotdog warning labels: “a vegan advocacy group filed a class-action lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court to force hot dog makers to put labels on their product warning of an increased risk of cancer for people who eat hot dogs.” (link)
  • Antibiotics: “After years of warnings that carelessly feeding antibiotics to farm animals would create drug-resistant superbugs, the federal government finally wants to crack down. The farm industry, however, has other plans.” (link)


  • Circus cruelty: “Video taken behind the scenes of performances in Hampton show that an elephant was struck with what appears to be a whip, an elephant was struck on the ear with a bull hook, and an elephant cried out after it appears to have been pulled with a bull hook” (link)
  • A look back: “In the late 1890s, ‘dog coursing’ races were introduced at what is now Exposition Park. Greyhounds would chase a hare around a fenced field, a sport that was eventually banned for animal cruelty.” (link)
  • Animal testing: “The spike in animal experimentation coincides with the 50th anniversary of landmark proposals to find alternatives. Alas, for half a century successive governments have failed to fund the promised development of replacement methods – even though every scientist knows that animal models are flawed and imperfect approximations of the human body and human disease.” (link)


  • Candy: Skittles no longer contain pieces of dead animals! (link)
  • Better vegan candy: I screwed up and didn’t get to the Go Max booth at AR 2009. Oh well. Learn where to get your own >>
  • Vegan cheese: everyone’s raving over Daiya. (link)


  • Exposure: Food Inc director interview with NPR concludes: “the insiders wouldn’t talk, farmers who did suffered consequences and, by the way, he needs a lot more lawyers. Kenner says the process was ‘Orwellian.'” (link)
  • Pollution: “a Missouri couple’s lawsuit against a nearby factory farm had been settled for $1.1 million. Ed and Ruth McEowen filed a nuisance suit against the hog farm’s operators after barns were erected closer than 1,000 feet to their home, a clear violation of Missouri zoning regulations. Among other impacts, hog manure polluted a creek running through the McEowen’s property.” (link)


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