Vegan Bites: From Peaceful Prairie To The Vegangelical South

Vegan Bites: From Peaceful Prairie To The Vegangelical South

Chris Alley-Grubb of Peaceful Prairie, a farm animal sanctuary in Colorado, is unwell. Here’s a snippet from Unpopular Vegan Essay’s article about this sad situation:

“Last week, due to the physically and psychologically stressful work that Chris has undergone over many years, combined with hereditary heart problems, Chris had a heart attack. He is at home resting, but added support at this time, even if only in the form of a kind, thoughtful note, would be greatly appreciated.”

If you’d like to donate to Peaceful Prairie, Michael Prejean, a commenter at Animal Person, has offered to match donations through the end of the month. Go read the post and comments for details >>

Feral cats in China are being killed in large numbers. Reports the Daily Mail:

“Thousands of pet cats in Beijing are being abandoned by their owners and sent to die in secretive government pounds as China mounts an aggressive drive to clean up the capital in preparation for the Olympic Games.

“Hundreds of cats a day are being rounded and crammed into cages so small they cannot even turn around.”

Taste Better chimes in on the kitty death camps and massive cat slaughter :

“It’s ugly, it’s sensational, and it makes you want to be all, ‘oh, stupid China,’ but maybe we should be saying ‘oh, stupid Olympics’ – Greece rounded up its stray dogs in preparation for their 2004 games, though granted, the scale was an order of magnitude smaller.”

Billy at Vegan Talk chimes in as well:

“I have a better solution to our pet overpopulation, involving a four-pronged approach:

  1. Put a ban on breeding
  2. Spay and neuter your pets (Bob Barker had it right)
  3. Keep your cats indoors
  4. Send feral cats to sanctuaries or leave them be”

Happier news: there was a demonstration of interspecies cooperation in New Zealand this week. Humans were going to kill two whales who had been stranded. But a dolphin came to the rescue and guided the whales to safety. Read more at my personal diary blog or at Taste Better. There’s a video about it from CNN, too >>

Animal Person reports on Steve Mendell, the owner of Westland Meat Company, the slaughterhouse responsible for the recent beef recall and animal cruelty exposed by the USHS. Animal Person, Mary Martin, says:

“What the heck kind of doublespeak is that? They killed the cows after they tortured them, end of story.”[...]

“Exploiters claiming it doesn’t make economic sense to use injured animals (when they get caught doing so) should not be believed. If your business is set up to get the most out of an animal, your mission is to do that for as long as possible to maximize the return on your investment.”

On food, Urban Vegan raves about her sprouter.

“I love sprouts. But I hate paying for the overpriced, environmentally unfriendly plastic containers that you find in supermarkets For awhile, I relied on the mason jar sprouting method, but let’s face it, tiny pint jars have their limitations.

“A few weeks ago, I bought this nifty three-tray sprouter. Now, I’m officially smitten.”

I forwarded her post to a couple vegans I know (my husband and my mom, heh) and both immediately purchased the spouter. However, they had to search for it from other suppliers since this one was sold out. Urban Vegan certainly has a following!

In other food news, there’s been a recall on a popular toaster:

Hamilton Beach Recalls Toasters Due to Fire Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Hamilton Beach® and Proctor-Silex® Toasters

And finally, a word of encouragement to all vegans from Vegangelical:

“As vegans and AR activists, we spend a lot of time bitching. It’s intelligent bitching, it’s logical, well-argued bitching, but it’s bitching nonetheless. We bitch about being asked for the millionth time where we get our protein. We bitch about the Standard American’s willfully blind eye towards factory farming. And we bitch with great fervor about those most repugnant of repugnant industries, veal and foie gras.

“So it’s good to remind ourselves, from time to time, that bitching can indeed be productive, and that, despite the oft-repeated activists’ motivational phrases that we have by now become largely immune to, a small group of determined individuals really can incite tangible change.”

5 Responses to Vegan Bites: From Peaceful Prairie To The Vegangelical South

  1. mr. Prejean – what a nice guy! i wish i could afford to donate money but i’m too poor now.

  2. The Olympics does seem to bring out the worst in governments, for any species–before the Atlanta Olympics they were giving the homeless a one-way ticket out of town, etc. UGH. I love watching the Olympics but there is so much that is nasty about them.

    johanna’s last blog post..Adopt Merida (SW Michigan)

  3. I think you’re right, johanna. And I agree with you that I love watching them, but the Olympics always come with some nasty baggage.

  4. Thanks for mentioning and linking to me. I appreciate it.

    I’m really enjoying reading your posts.

    I’ll have to check out Vegangelical South. I haven’t been to that blog yet.

    Billy’s last blog post..Sacramento: Recommendations Wanted


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