Vegan Bites: Food, Fur, Celebrity & Politics

Vegan Bites: Food, Fur, Celebrity & Politics

Time for a collection of vegan-related links to news stories, blog posts, and recipes…

  • Food: Vegan Peanut Butter Pillows here >>
  • Politics: “Do we really care more about profit and continuing to eat animals than we do about, you know, saving the world?” more >>
  • Celebrity: Alanis Morissette Is Obsessed With Kale details >>
  • Satire: “Vegetarians are limp-wristed sissy-hippies.” more >>
  • Food: “New York Chipotle restaurants have begun offering a totally vegan alternative to meat.” link >>
  • Politics: Rep. Dennis Kucinich, if dictator, would order Americans to eat vegan brownies. details >>
  • Dogs: California Animal Shelters Overrun With Chihuahuas.  news >>
  • Celebrity: Vegetarian and animal lover Carrie Underwood is engaged. story and pix >>
  • Bears: “Animal welfare history was made this month when what is thought to be the last dancing bear, one of more than 600, was taken off the streets of India and brought to one of three sanctuaries” link >>
  • Celebrity: “Vegetarianism is gaining popularity of late with the rapid increase in ailments resulting from excessive non-vegetarian intake.” more >>
  • Food: Gingerbread Flax Muffins recipe >>
  • Fur: “Fur is for Beautiful Animals and Scary Hookers” link >>
  • Circuses: “Dying Ringling Elephant Trainer Blows Whistle” more >>
  • Food: ‘eggnog’ made without eggs recipe >>
  • Enjoy and happy holidays!


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