Vegan Bites: Cookies, Conference, And Cute Heels

Vegan Bites: Cookies, Conference, And Cute Heels

Here’s your weekly does of vegan news and views, in no particular order.

As usual, leave links to your vegan-themed blog posts, recipes, news, etc. in the comments below so others can explore the vegan web.

Without further ado, here are the ‘vegan bites':

  • Juniper came to the sanctuary, a case of extreme neglect, and no one thought she would survive. Yet she had already survived a long harsh winter with no care, no food, and no water, and so it is perhaps no surprise that she survived her rescue as well. She is the definition of a survivor.” see her pictures and read her story here >>
  • “Standing six-foot three and weighing 260 lbs, Laraque is one of Canada’s most famous hockey players. Oh yeah…and he’s also a HUGE animal lover and proud vegetarian!!” read more here >>
  • Raw corn wraps recipe and video here >>
  • “Despite claims from corporate giant Procter & Gamble (P&G) that it tests products on animals only as a last resort and only when required by law, published scientific papers show that P&G took an already approved ingredient in Herbal Essences shampoo – butylparaben – and force-fed it in massive doses to pregnant animals.” join the boycott here >>
  • “A hamburger could cost $35 to produce but only cost $1.50 at a fast food restaurant because of farm subsidies.” read more >>
  • The HSUS is “honoring dogs who have heroically stepped up when their help was needed most with our Second Annual Dogs of Valor Awards.” link
  • “Old customs and jobs are dying and the air itself is changing, however, transformed by an American newcomer, Smithfield Foods. Almost unnoticed by the rest of the Continent, the agribusiness giant has moved into Eastern Europe with the force of a factory engine, assembling networks of farms, breeding pigs on the fast track, and slaughtering them for every bit of meat and muscle that can be squeezed into a sausage.” read the rest here >>
  • Food: Trader Joe’s treats at Cafe VegNews >>
  • “Looking for a cute heel to wear with jeans? Try something chunky yet sleek, with a thick heel and a rounded toe. Oh, and of course make it vegan.” see ‘em here >>
  • Peanut butter cookies are hardly innovative, but for those stressed out and simply craving a small morsel of comfort, these fit the bill perfectly. Calling for only three ordinary ingredients, I’m willing to bet that you already have everything you need for these babies on hand right now.” recipe here >>
  • The world’s largest and oldest animal rights conference is coming up July 16-20, 2009. Check it out here >>
  • New vegan cookie cookbook coming out soon. More here >>
  • Lastly, here’s one vegan’s viewpoint:

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  1. that corn tortilla wrap sure looks delicious :)

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