Vegan Bites: Bake Sales, Lentils, & Burnout

Vegan Bites: Bake Sales, Lentils, & Burnout

While we want you to read and love The Soapbox, there’s tons of vegan goodness elsewhere on the web, too.
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In the blogs:

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  • Here are two recent podcasts from around the vegan web:

  • Vegan Police interview with Will Potter from Green Is The New Red >>
  • Compassionate Cooks podcast on lentils >>
  • Just one example of how animal activism can overlap with human activism:

    • “So far over 10,000 dollars have been raised by vegan bake sales for Haiti nationwide, and that number is sure to multiply next week when sales in Portland, NYC, LA and Minneapolis (and lots of other places) take place.” read more >>


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