Vegan Bites: April 21, 2010

Vegan Bites: April 21, 2010

“planting trees and cleaning up rivers won’t mean much in the long run if we continue to trash the planet with our meat habit. To truly ‘go green,’ we must start with what’s on our plates.” more here >>

“Congress should now pass the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, which would ban industrial farms from using seven classes of antibiotics that are important to human health unless animals or herds are ill, or pharmaceutical companies can prove the drugs’ use in livestock does not harm human health.” read more >>

Vegetarian Fast Food in New York City and London >>

Vegan Meal Plans for Spring provides simple, nutritious vegan recipes that focus on the numerous vegetables and fruits that become available in the warmer months such as kale, tomatoes, strawberries, peas, lettuce, and peppers. It’s based on recipes made with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans.” more >>

More than one-third of all the fossil fuels produced in the U.S. are used to raise animals for food, and factory-farm waste lagoons are a leading source of water pollution in the U.S. People can best help conserve resources, save the environment, and save animals’ lives by kicking the meat and dairy addiction.more >>

“As far as I’m concerned, peanut butter is the perfect food, and I would happily eat it at every meal. It is also a lip-smacking way to raise awareness about our planet and the animals who live on it.” more here >>

“Over 18 months after the release of 650 mink from a Utah fur farm, Alex Hall plead guilty this week for his role in the action.” more >>

“The U.S. Supreme Court dealt animals a serious blow in its ruling today, upholding an appellate court decision that invalidated the federal law banning the commercial sale of videos showing illegal and extreme acts of animal cruelty. The Court got hung up in a stream of hypothetical scenarios, imagining that the law as worded might sweep up the sellers of hunting, bullfighting, and other videos that the federal lawmakers never intended to address.” read more >>

“The Supreme Court has struck down a federal law targeting “depictions of animal cruelty,” including dog-fighting and “crush” videos. And that’s a very good thing for the animal rights movement.” more details >>

Shelter dog ad for iphone >>

Early Animal Rights Poem Discovered. “It was, after all, 1773, just a few years before Lexington, Concord and the Declaration of Independence. On both sides of the Atlantic, ‘inalienable rights’ were a rallying cry, and Anna, a young wife and poet, decided to write a protest poem. She called it ‘The Mouse’s Petition to Dr. Priestley, Found in the Trap where he had been Confined all Night.'” more here >>

“Sjaak’s was one of the first chocolatiers to enter the vegan market (let alone the fact that their chocolate is also organic and fair trade), so they have built up an impressive product line over the years. First came the bars and boxed chocolates, followed by seasonal items for every major holiday, and a bit more recently, their tub bites (individually wrapped chocolates that I liken to casual truffles). The list of tub bite varieties just keeps expanding, but we are really excited about the most recent addition, Organic ‘Milk’ Chocolate Hazelnut Bites. Yes, another vegan and dairy-free “milk” chocolate treat entering the scene!” details here >>


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