Vegan Bites: Amuse Bouche

Vegan Bites: Amuse Bouche

Today’s installment of Vegan Bites is an amuse bouche, just a bite to get the meal started.

We’ve got stuff about soy, stuff about crabs, and stuff about Kelly Clarkson.

Here are a few veg and AR tidbits from across the web…

About vegan food:

Vegan pizza video here >>

Benefit vegan dinner in Portland >>

Vegan vanilla ice cream at Everyday Dish >>

About soy:

“A frequent jab thrown at vegans has to do with the environmental problems that accompany modern soybean farming, the erroneous assumptions being (1) that all vegans eat massive amounts of soy (no, not all do) and (2) that most soy being grown goes to make vegan foods. And this second assumption couldn’t be further off-base: 90-some percent of the soy crop goes to feed livestock.”

Read the whole thing here where you’ll find out that soy farmers are teaming up with animal farmers to fight animal rights >>

“Making your way through the controversy can be confusing, especially since some of what the soy naysayers claim is based on some scientific data–although this doesn’t mean that their conclusions are right. And it’s true that some soy proponents may overstate the benefits of soy. Hopefully, we can tread a more even path here and convince you that, while soyfoods may not be the answer to all your problems, and while there certainly are a few unanswered questions, you can include soyfoods in a balanced and healthful vegan diet.”

Read more about soy nutrition here >>

About losing weight through low-fat veganism:

“The very-low-fat vegetarian diets work long-term because they focus on the consumption of fiber and complex carbohydrates, which make you feel full without a lot of empty fat calories, so adherents needn’t keep food logs, restrict food intake, or count calories–in other words, they take advantage of the nature of food.”

Read more here >>

About animal sentience:

Sadly, vegans sometimes have to point to nonvegans’ sadistic studies to justify our empathy for animals. Case in point: “Queen’s University says new research it conducted shows crabs not only suffer pain but retain a memory of it.” (source)

About the Canadian seal hunt:

“Spain voted against seal products for the EU on March 25, following close on the heels of Ireland’s March 17 vote to ban all seal products. Several other European countries like the Netherlands, France, and Germany (as well as the EU parliament’s internal market and consumer protection committee) have also voted to ban all seal products. Canada, whose annual seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals in the world (killing well over a quarter of a million seals per year), is becoming more and more isolated in its stance on the needless practice.” (link)

About pop culture and veg stuff:

“Kelly Clarkson chatting on her blog about being meat-free, but still helping out with the turkey. What do you think about all of this vegetarian meat-cooking?”

Chime in at ecorazzi >>

Shocking: Bill O’Reilly And Dennis Miller Almost Kind Of Like PETA (link)

About food labels and “natural” meat:

“A few weeks ago, the USDA released a draft of its new rules relating to meat labeling. The new rules require that meat called natural not be fed antibiotics or meat by-products. This is good but really just scratches the surface. Unfortunately, as previously, the rules are silent on the conditions in which animals are raised. We are not surprised, but we are nonetheless disappointed. This means the USDA will continue to allow factory-farmed meat to be labeled as ‘natural.’ Buyer beware.” (link)

For more about food labels, check out:

About vegan podcasts:

Compassionate Cooks “Food For Thought” podcast 3-year anniversary episode >>

About nutrition and The China Study:

And because everyone seems like like Dr. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, here’s a video of him answering a few questions after a talk about nutrition:


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