Vegan Bites: Dear Abby, Oprah, And Kirstie Alley

Vegan Bites: Dear Abby, Oprah, And Kirstie Alley

Here’s your roundup of news and gossip and all that other fun stuff that’s vegan-themed:

Canadian seals win a victory: “The European Union has slammed shut the door on trade in the products of the commercial seal slaughter.” Read more here >>

Dear Abby sticks up for vegetarians. She writes, “Dear Carnivore: Your wife may be right that the kids should refrain from eating meat and meat products, but she is being heavy-handed and going about it in the wrong way. Unless she is prepared to stand over them 24/7, there is no way she can prevent them from eating meat if they are determined to do so.”

“What she can do is make sure they understand why she is a vegetarian and why she would prefer that they remain that way. But there’s no guarantee that they will — particularly if she permits this to become a power struggle.” Read the whole thing >>

The anti-vegan group, The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), a corporate front group formed by Philip Morris, gets called out on their ridiculousness: “The Center for Consumer Freedom needed a hilarious flow chart to attempt to connect HSUS to ‘terrorism,’ and failed miserably.” “Forget about the First Amendment. The Center for Consumer Freedom, an industry front group, is out there protecting more ‘delicious civil liberties’ (and delicious corporate profits).” and “Head of Center for Consumer Freedom Called a “Despicable Man” by His Own Son” Read more >>

Kirstie Alley eats a ton of butter and Chinese takeout and blames weight gain on vegetarianism: “For seven months I was a vegetarian, and I can’t tell you how much weight I gained being a vegetarian! A vegetarian would probably be eating vegetables. But to me being a vegetarian meant I’m going to eat enchiladas with no meat, and I’m going to eat lots of bread, lots of carbs.” link

Oprah convinces a bunch of people to eat cruelly factory farmed chickens: “Oprah is now dodging criticism about her choice to promote KFC due to her stance on animal cruelty. KFC sources its chicken from Tyson, which uses concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) – dark and tightly-packed coops where the chickens are often unable to stand up or move. Oprah did a special last year on the hazards of factory farming, which you can check out here.” Whole story here >>

Molly, the cow who escaped a slaughterhouse, has made Barbara Walters consider vegetarianism: Read the story here >>

Some vegans like to drink: “Vegan Drinks is spreading like, um, swine flu, and is now happening in eleven cities–New York, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Twin Cities, and Washington, DC.” More here >>

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3 Responses to Vegan Bites: Dear Abby, Oprah, And Kirstie Alley

  1. Regarding Vegan Drinks: I just wanted to let your Chicago-area readers know that the Vegan Chicago Meetup group also has a monthly get-together at Chicago bars. It’s called Vegan On Tap.

  2. Tracy, that sounds like fun :)

  3. Wow such sad and humorous info! :-0 people need to realise the vegan lifestyle will help the overwieght be boosted with so much great aspects! :-)

    ~ Recent blog post: Revoir for now (goodbye) ~


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