Top Five Vegetarian-friendly Cities

Top Five Vegetarian-friendly Cities

Happy Cow listed the top five vegetarian-friendly cities. Might be a good idea to visit one of these cities on your next vacation:

#1 New York City, USA
Happy Cow says: “The ultra-hip city that never sleeps offers an array of international mix in vegetarian food – cafes, bistros, diners, gourmet restaurants, and bakeries as diverse as its inhabitants! Eat on the cheap or dine extravagantly, NYC offers exotic and abundant choices for the veggie food lover. Enjoy The Big Apple.”
I say: I lived in NYC for two years and that was a big part of what pushed me from lacto-ovo vegetarianism to veganism. I had always wanted to give veganism another try so when I lived in Manhattan I finally just admitted that I didn’t have any more excuses. I went vegan and as I did it I went on a wonderful culinary adventure eating regularly at places like Candle Cafe, Francia, Bonobo’s, Red Bamboo, the dosa cart (at Washington Square Park), Veggie Castle, and Strictly Roots. Just thinking about those two years makes my mouth water!

#2 San Francisco, USA
Happy Cow says: “Wonder why young and old progressives meet and stay here? Beautiful weather with hilly streets offering glimpses of downtown, the bay and its famous bridges, San Francisco boasts dozens of cozy cafes, trendy vegetarian restaurants, and health food stores that offer raw, vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly fare. Eating is easy here, and so is getting around by public transit, bicycle, or by foot.”
I say: Indeed, both San Francisco and New York City are meccas for vegetarian and vegan living. It’s just so much easier to be vegan in either of those metropolises than anywhere else in the world. Those of us who live in other parts of the US or world find vegan food without much trouble, but in SF and NYC the options feel limitless.

#3 London, England
Happy Cow says: “Since the outbreak of mad cow disease in the early 2000s, more people than ever in the UK are embracing vegetarianism. New London vegetarian restaurants are sprouting up all throughout the city all the time.”
I say: My experience was good in London and I never had any trouble finding things to eat, but I was expecting it to be a little more veg-friendly than it was. But maybe I was looking in the wrong places?

#4 Singapore
Happy Cow says: “over 100 vegetarian and vegan restaurants serving a variety of vegetarian Asian and Chinese cuisine in Singapore!”
I say: Singapore is on my list of places to visit. Anyone reading this have experience in Singapore finding veg food? Let us know!

#5 Portland, USA
Happy Cow says: “Recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world, Portland is commonly referred to as a haven for vegans and vegetarians. It’s also family friendly, pedestrian friendly, and ecologically friendly in its public policies. With over 20 solid veggie places to find something to eat, vegheads can easily explore without starving (and you don’t need a car to get around).”
I say: Never been, but heard great things. In fact, I’m afraid if I ever visited, I might not come back home.

Check out Happy Cow’s list here >>

Are there any great veg-friendly cities that you think should have been included?

2 Responses to Top Five Vegetarian-friendly Cities

  1. Portland, Oregon is indeed about the best city in the world (that I’ve been to, including Singapore) for vegans. It’s practically normalized here.

    And, as noted, it has a great quality of life as well. Portland rocks! I love living here.

  2. Hmm.. good list, but arguably, Montréal should be on it.


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