Tomatoes, Salmonella, And Water Pollution

Tomatoes, Salmonella, And Water Pollution

Last week I received an email from an omnivore who was trying to push my buttons:

“With the recent tomatoe [sic] recall what should I put on my BLT?”

I directed the omni to this post from Vegan Bits, which states:

“Bottom line, it appears our groundwater is contaminated with animal feces. The water is used to propogate the tomatoes which then act as an “incubator” for the Salmonella. [...]

“So, our groundwater is contaminated by animal feces, and our crops are being propagated with this polluted water. Well, if we’re processing ten billion animals annually for food here in the US, that’s a lot of poop to process! It certainly stands to reason that not all of that poop is being processed effectively. [...]

“If you’d like more information, Livestock’s Long Shadow has in depth details on water pollution — pages 144-162.”

He didn’t email me again.

This issue of water pollution is getting worse with the recent flooding:

“With all the flooding in the Midwest, pig waste lagoons are reaching the bursting point. So Missouri has given factory farmers permission to pump out the untreated waste lagoons and spray it onto already-saturated fields. Meaning you’re going to have untreated pig waste pretty much everywhere. Brilliant.”

First they kill pigs needlessly. Then they pollute waterways. I’m going out on a limb here, but it sounds like pig farmers make very, very bad neighbors.

But now there’s even more about the tomatoes. In an article titled “Tomatoes may not be source of salmonella” since “Of 1,700 domestic and international tomato samples collected so far, none have tested positive.”

(hat tip: Erik Marcus)

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  1. I eagerly await a response from the omnivore :)

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