Thinking About Meat

A radio interview with the author of Eating Animals:

Key points from the video:

  • The vast majority of meat available for purchase comes from cruel factory farms that are environmentally destructive and pose a serious risk to human health.
  • Only about 1% of meat is “humane” meat.
  • If you do not support factory farming, don’t buy meat at the grocery store or at restaurants. Reduce or eliminate your meat consumption.

Slightly related:

Anyone truly interested in promoting “happy meat” is also interested in promoting veganism, by default. Here’s how:

Affordable meat is only available through factory farming. “Humane” meat is the antithesis of “affordable” meat. Humane meat is only an option for the wealthy and privileged. Proponents of humane meat treat meat as a luxury, not a right.

Meat-eaters who support humane meat because they are serious about ending factory farming (for the benefit of animals, the planet, and people) should promote veganism. If they’re honest about promoting “humane” meat, they must accept the fact that humane meat, because of the high costs, requires vegan promotion.

A “happy meat” world requires one of these two options:

  1. Most people are vegan all the time, or
  2. All people are vegan most of the time.


  • Humane meat supporters will support things like vegan options in schools, hospitals, and restaurants.
  • Humane meat proponents want to abolish factory farming.
  • Humane meat advocates help vegans and vegan activism.

To vegans reading this: if the people who claim they support humane meat won’t participate in vegan education, they’re probably not honest about their support of humane meat. They’re probably just using the idea of humane meat as a cover for their consumption of factory farmed meat.

To nonvegans reading this: if you care about animals, human health, and/or the planet, get serious about it. Go vegan.

One Response to Thinking About Meat

  1. I admire you for posting this. An unfortunate situation – but unless we get people talking and THINKING in some degree about “meat” we’ll never get the conversation and CHANGE going… It has to start somewhere…
    .-= Bea Elliott´s last blog ..Eating Animals is Wrong – So is Dairy & Eggs – Go Vegan =-.


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