The No-Kill Equation

no kill equation

The No-Kill Advocacy Center is promoting a new tool to save sheltered animals like cats, dogs and rabbits. They say:

“On behalf of our organization and our Rescue Five-0 partners, No Kill Nation, we are proud to present a step-by-step guide on how to reform an entrenched shelter which refuses to change with the changing times. In too many communities, animal control directors dig in their heels and continue killing in the face of a proven formula for lifesaving success. We want to empower YOU to do something about it. If they want a fight, we’ll help you bring it to them.”

To view and print the FREE guide click here.

One Response to The No-Kill Equation

  1. Thanks for helping to share this new guide. Ryan Clinton, the author of this publication, along with 4 other leaders: Nathan Winograd, Bonney Brown, Mitchell Schneider and Michael Mountain, who have all walked the walk to achieve No Kill status in their communities will be the featured speakers delivering informative seminars at the upcoming Western States No Kill Conference. More info at:


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