The Moral Responsibility To End Animal Abuse

Mercy For Animals recently investigated Bettencourt Dairies and found shocking animal abuse.

Bettencourt supplies dairy (used for cheese) for fastfood restaurant Burger King.

The investigation led to three charges of criminal cruelty to animals.

See the disturbing video here >>

Here are just a few of the abuses captured on hidden camera:

  • Vicious beatings of cows, violently twisting their tails in order to deliberately cause suffering
  • Workers dragging a downed, suffering cow by her neck on a tractor chain
  • Extremely unsafe working conditions
  • Unsanitary working conditions, including feces-covered floors
  • Sick or injured cows left to suffer without veterinary care

Mercy For Animals is urging Burger King to implement meaningful animal protection guidelines for all dairy suppliers, including zero tolerance for animal abuse, care for “downers,” and an end to mutilations without painkillers. They say:

“Burger King has the power and the moral responsibility to help end some of the worst forms of animal abuse in the dairy industry.”

Consumers also have the power and moral responsibility to end animal abuse, not just in the dairy industry but in all animal agriculture. They can exert their power by making vegan choices everytime they eat. Go vegan: save animals, live your conscience, reject animal cruelty. 

2 Responses to The Moral Responsibility To End Animal Abuse

  1. This is beyond disturbing. How can this happen and then be allowed to happen! When we frequent Burger King, we increase demand of product from this poor-excuse-for-a-dairy…they deserve to be shut down and prosecuted! Stay away from Burger King!

  2. When ever we treat an animal with cruelty we are proving that we are not evolved at all- how any person who has a soul and we are all suppose to have one could ever treat an animal so wrongly and so inhumanely is beyond comprehension but then again it is not so much of a shock in a world that lives to please itself and treats any other living animals with out care and consideration why should we be shocked, it is because there are still many of us that are humane and care for the living things on our planet, so it is with a sense of outrage and protest that i plead for the those that cannot plead for them selves- if only we could all care for every living thing on this planet then we would be a wonderful race but it is not to be not yet but it is coming!But in the meantime think how anyone of you would feel if you were in such a situation, you say it could never happen, remember the holocost,


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