The HSUS On “Humane Eating”

The Humane Society of the United States has a guide to vegan eating in which they make the following comments:

“From life on a factory farm to death at a slaughter plant, animals raised for meat, eggs, and milk suffer immensely. And, as shocking as it may be, much of the abuse these animals endure is perfectly legal. There are no federal animal welfare laws regulating the treatment of the billions of animals raised for food. And while all 50 states have cruelty statutes, most explicitly exempt common farming practices, no matter how abusive.”


“Vegetarian eating is an effective and positive way to help farm animals. Indeed, any reduction in the amount of animal products we consume makes a difference for animals. As you transition to vegetarian eating, praise yourself for every step you take toward adjusting your food choices and know that with every vegetarian meal you enjoy, you are doing something tangible to protect animals.”

The guide offers reasons to go vegan: animals, health, environment. It offers nutritional information. And it offers recipes. It’s a complete package.

You can download and/or print the guide from this URL:

2 Responses to The HSUS On “Humane Eating”

  1. “any reduction in the amount of animal products we consume makes a difference for animals”

    I find this hard to believe. How would one’s not eating a chicken thigh, say, make any difference whatsoever to the level of future production in the chicken plant from which it came?

  2. One person not eating one chicken leg is not going to make a difference, but a lot of people avoiding any meat at all for one day EVERY week would reduce the demand for future products.


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