The Film That Changes Lives

If you haven’t seen Earthlings, please watch it now.

Update: This post’s timestamp has been changed in order to re-publish it on the front page without a “sticky.” It was originally published on Aug. 12th 2009.

3 Responses to The Film That Changes Lives

  1. I’m 18 years old and an omnivore who stumbled across this site; I have been lurking for the past week or so. I watched this documentary, in its entirety, last night. I had absolutely no idea how shockingly and cruelly we humans treat our fellow creatures! I live in a rural area where seeing cows, sheep and buffalo grazing in a wide open field is a common sight, and I had always assumed that all farm animals lived in these conditions, and were killed quickly and humanely. I feel that I have been incredibly deceived.

    I will be going to university for the first time next week, and I have e-mailed an upperclassman I have been speaking with (whom I recently learned is vegan). I hope that she will be able to point me in the right direction concerning vegan options on campus. I do not want to line the pockets of people who heartlessly torture other living beings.

    Thank you so much for posting this, even though it was hard to watch and at times I had to turn away from the screen. It has truly opened my eyes to a cruel world that I didn’t know existed. I am going to try very hard to make my actions reflect my feelings concerning animal abuse!

  2. I finally sat down and watched the entirety of this film and its probably the most moving and painful movie I’ve ever seen. It hurts so much to see all this and even knowing I’m doing my part of not contributing, trying to inform everyone I know of the atrocities, and even convincing a few people to become vegans, it’s hard to realize that this kind of egregious assault on all living things is going to continue to be a mainstay of human society. It’s because there are people regardless of what you tell them, show them, explain, they still want what is easy and feels good rather than showing respect and compassion to anyone or anything else on this planet and its frustrating even combating these ideals within my family.

    I’ve been a vegan now for a year and a vegetarian for two; and for sometime I’ve been flirting with going into the field of Environmental Law since I’ll be heading to law school shortly, and I think this movie has made my decision for me. What greater platform can one take than to go to the heart of the source and try to enact change from the legal aspect? One can stop eating meat, stop buying leather, etc and still only make a minute impact, we need to make a greater effort going to the source. This is absurd that these practices continue and it makes you realize that humans are indeed the most cruel and terrible species on the planet.

  3. I don’t what to say this film mad me very angry and mad. I’ve been trying to be a total veg butthere are moments when I fall back. being a chef and culinary arts teacher has implicated me. this will have a lasting effect on me to say the least. I will not be able to look at my job the same way as before. I feel so bad. I want to hurt the people in this film but I was a chef and I teach future chefs…..


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