The Costs Are Passed Onto Consumers

The Costs Are Passed Onto Consumers

From Wayne’s blog:

Undercover investigators from The HSUS looked at two egg factory farms—two of the three largest operations in the nation, both located in Iowa—and found rodents in hen houses, countless flies at the facilities, dead birds among the living in cages, and massive waste piles.We found those conditions at Rose Acre Farms and Rembrandt Enterprises. But based on the FDA’s announcement yesterday, releasing information from its forensic investigations in the wake of the massive salmonella outbreak traced to two egg factories, it sure appears we could have found the same set of circumstances at Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, the two companies at the center of the largest egg recall in U.S. history.

While our investigation attracted press attention in Iowa, our announcement this spring did not prompt the FDA, the USDA, or state authorities to inspect any egg farms in the state. If they had done proper follow-up, then they might have discovered a situation not only dangerous for the animals but also for consumers. The assurances from the egg industry that its operators maintain safe and clean facilities, treat animals humanely, and do it all at low cost are a charade.

The crux: “The eggs may seem cheap at the cash register, but the costs are passed on to consumers in terms of health costs, despoiling of the environment, animal cruelty, and worker safety issues.

Emphasis added. And emphasized again:

  • Two of the largest egg-producers had unsanitary conditions including rodents, flies, massive waste, and dead birds.
  • Eggs are responsible for a massive outbreak of Salmonella and the largest egg recall in US history.
  • Battery cages are cruel for animals and unsafe for humans. Both workers and consumers are harmed.
  • The egg industry does not treat animals humanely.

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful that there is no NEED to eat eggs?!


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