The Anti-vegans?

The Anti-vegans?

Alert the media: apparently the worst thing about us vegans is our farts.

“Don’t even get me started on vegan and vegetarian farts. But vegans and vegetarians say meat eaters have the worst farts. That may be so, but we fart less than they do!”

From the Anti-Vegan Community, by princesscumbag.

I stumbled across this community while doing a Google search. To be fair, it was a Google search for ‘anti vegan’, so I was asking for what I found. What I find most interesting is that the objections most of the people on this site are making have nothing to do with the philosophical arguments behind veganism. Most people seem to look no further than a stereotype, and hate that. A bulk of the statements are also directly related to how good meat is and to showing it in all it’s gory ‘glory’, and then calling me a smelly hippy, idiot, and a psychopath. Awesome. What more can you expect for people who think the Olsen twins have created art?

So I have to ask, why is it that people feel the need to rub their meat in our faces? If you’re eating meat, you’re not hurting me. You may be offending me, but you won’t hurt me. Nor will you change my mind. Really, I’m more puzzled than anything. I have to wonder, what does that say about you? Are you trying to put me on the offensive? Or are you trying to validate your position and draw attention away from your lack of moral argument? Can we have a conversation about that? If you can come up with a better philosophical argument than those for veganism (hint: one that doesn’t start with ‘hamburgers are good’), I will listen. I may choose never to eat meat, but I won’t ever mention the ‘v’ word again. Cross my heart.

What do you say to something like that? Is it appropriate to try and start a dialogue with people who hate vegans so passionately, people who believe that a CIA raid on PETA will make animal rights go away. Will they listen?

7 Responses to The Anti-vegans?

  1. I think these kinds of people are best persuaded by experience, not rational discussion. You know, they just need a few positive experiences with reasonable vegans and tasty food to come around a bit. But, I personally, can’t talk to these kinds of people. They make me too angry. So I try to ignore them.

    But I’ve heard that very argumentative people are often the ones who really are thinking about the issues and the reason they’re so argumentative is that they’re sorting things out and testing their theories. So, maybe it’s worthwhile to engage some of these people.

  2. This group is “anti” alright! Anti-thought, anti-vegan, anti-life. To me this particular forum is filled with frustrated (and confused) teens/young “adults”. Very juvenile – The militaristic comments and “bad” avitars reveal that they feel threatened. Which I guess is a good sign – If veganism is making such an impact with thoughts and ideas – that they must “defend” themselves “against”…. We must be becoming a “force” to be reckoned with (?)….

    But I don’t particularly think this forum is open to rational discussion – they are much too angry. They obviously have a lot to loose (emotionally). I try to save my arguments for open minds who will sincerely evaluate the issues. This forum is deep-end and I think “unreachable”.

    But I appreciate knowing about this group – it really illustrates what we’re up against.
    Go Vegan!

  3. About the farts, my boyfriend just told me that he read somewhere that people who fart more have a lower risk for cancer. I haven’t checked this out myself but it sounds like one more plus on the vegan side of things. :)

    Someone named “princessscumbag” is not going to rile me up. It’s obviously someone’s attempt at a very immature, humorless joke. The “anti-vegans” we really need to be talking to are the ones who think they can lessen animal suffering by buying happy meat. That’s the real scourge.

  4. ‘The more you toot, the better you feel. So eat beans for every meal!’
    :) haha

  5. The unabridged version as I learned it:
    beans, beans, the musical fruit
    the more you eat the more you toot
    the more you too the better you feel
    so eat your beans at every meal

    This also reminds me of an article I read about adding some stuff to your soaking beans to reduce tootiness and improve nutrients, I haven’t tried it yet, but here’s the article:

    I think getting involved with these communities could be helpful, it could be some wasted time filtering through arguments from the ignorant, but there’s bound to be a few people who are up for rational debate, where an informed vegan can easily push anti-vegans into cognitive dissonance. Also a good stomping ground for trying out new anti-anti-vegan methods.

    ~ Recent blog post: Children deserve better at ~

  6. FYI, here’s an option for people who get gassy from beans or other foods:

  7. I figure I will stick up for the other side here. I rarely meet people who are sticking their meat in my face and I have actually found many people who are open to real discussion on the matter. However, the “anti-vegan” argument tends to be that we stick our “anti-meat” philosophies down their throats. Usually attacking and lecturing on why they should not follow suit. And when I think about it I agree. I dont talk a lot about my choices but many of my vegan friends attack meat-eaters and critique their life choices. Well we may have it right they probably dont like us shoving all of our facts and statistics at them.


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