Thanksgiving Potlucks And Beyond

Thanksgiving Potlucks And Beyond

Vegas Veg, a veg group based in Las Vegas, held a “ThanksLiving” potluck this year, along with a bake sale. I was lucky enough to be able to attend. The potluck included contributions from members of Vegas Veg as well as donations from the original vegan Thanksgiving alternative Tofurky, the makers of soy-free Celebration Roast Field Roast, and vegan restaurant in Vegas Pura Vida.

Many vegetarian groups hold vegan potlucks at this time of year. These potlucks serve several purposes:

  • They may raise money for a worthy nonprofit;
  • They offer a chance to sample delicious traditional and non-traditional dishes;
  • They are by their nature communal;
  • At their best, they introduce cruelty-free Thanksgivings to omnivores.

group of people getting food from potluck table

There are many recipes out there for vegan Thanksgiving dishes. One delightful source is the Happy Healthy Life blog. It even has a page showcasing the author’s 25 favorite pumpkin recipes, complete with jillions of beautiful photographs. Another good source is Chloe Cascarelli, rising vegan chef, some of whose dishes appeared recently in the New York Times. PETA, Mercy for Animals, Farm Sanctuary, and many other animal organizations offer advice and recipes for the big day.

Thanksgiving offers an opportunity to benefit animals by raising awareness of factory farming. Farm Sanctuary offers turkeys to be adopted every year. You can still get in on this! (Of course, once you are on the Farm Sanctuary web page you might want to adopt a goat or cow or…who knows? …as well.) You will get a portrait of your adopted animal, suitable for framing, that you can hang proudly on your wall.

Did you go to a vegan potluck this year? Did you host or attend a vegan thanksgiving at a private home? Do you have an all-time favorite recipe to share? A story to tell?

guest reading a pamphlet

part of the thanksgiving feast

4 Responses to Thanksgiving Potlucks And Beyond

  1. Looks great! (love the blog, but a suggestion, remember to resize the photos before posting them – these photos are huge and can take a long time to download and slow down browsing for some!)

  2. Editor’s note: I made modest edits and resized the photos. Thanks for writing this, Convenient Vegan :)

  3. I wish there were some vegan potlucks in my area. Although I don’t know of any, I did use a couple of Chef Chloe’s recipes for my own dinner from her wonderful new cookbook “Chloe’s Kitchen.” The maple roasted brussel sprouts tasted like candy and the coconut mashed sweet potatoes with currants were great! I highly suggest Chloe’s cookbook as gifts for this holiday season.

  4. I forgot to mention that I love the “Coconut Dream” brand Vanilla Coconut milk!


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