The ‘Plants Feel Pain’ Argument Is Faulty

The NY Times recently featured an article about how some people think plants might feel pain. I’ve heard this argument my entire life. “But what about the plants?” the meat-eaters whine as they chow down on plants and animals.

It’s completely absurd to argue against veganism with a ‘plants feel pain’ argument. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Nonvegans cause more harm; vegans cause less harm. Plain and simple.
  2. We know for certain that animals feel pain. Plants probably don’t feel pain. Animals definitely feel pain.
  3. If plants feel pain, it’s certainly not the same kind of pain that animals feel. This is not like this.
  4. Eating animals increases your risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity while a plant-based diet reduces your risk of disease.
  5. Animal agriculture is far more responsible for global warming than plant agriculture.

Just look them both in the eye. And then try to argue that it makes more sense to kill and eat both than to only kill and eat the potato:



52 Responses to The ‘Plants Feel Pain’ Argument Is Faulty

  1. This is people grasping for straws in their attempt to justify eating meat.

  2. Good post, but you don’t need to qualify that statement. Plants don’t feel pain.

  3. VEGdaily has a good response to the NY Times ridiculousness:

  4. Some other points:
    1) we need plants to survive but eating animals is unnecessary luxury that damages others and the planet.
    2) plants can only react to stimuli without processing it through central nervous system, it is very different from what we call pain. Some materials can do the same thing.
    3) if they wrote that animals can think, it would make a conflict in media but when it is claimed that plants think, it seems common. Why? Because they don’t make it as rational argument but rather as an emotional attack.
    4) it is much more easier to go vegan than make sure that the animal is “humanely” raised and slaughtered.

    Please send also responds to NYT because people who are not vegans yet don’t read vegan websites. We should all write and be descriptive and friendly – thee are people who do care about animals have the right to know and those who don’t care won’t listen anyway.
    .-= allthatshines´s last blog ..allthatshines: RT @greenforyou: Southeast Asia Exports 35 Million Wild Animals in a Decade #green =-.

  5. I read that article and it’s so typical. Everyone knows that vegetables also feel, but they are built mostly of water, don’t have a highly developed nervous system as people and animals do, so they do feel some unpleasant feelings, but not pain as the slaughtered animals do (the so called free range as well).
    We may try to avoid eating root vegetables, as you need to kill them in order to turn them into food, but vegetables that don’t need to be killed like kale, brussels sprouts etc. and fruit are almost totally free of violence.

  6. This is all very nice, but it doesn’t prove the argument wrong one bit. I’m vegan and all, but still, this could be better.

  7. If it were true that plants feel pain, which most will agree it probably isn’t, it just makes omnivores twice as bad as veggies and vegans. They eat fruit and veg so I think they need to shut up. Oh boy, If that’s the extent of their argument, we have absolutely nothing to worry about… They try to make something bad out of people caring enough to save animals lives by comparing animals pain and suffering to fruit and veg..It’s too daft to laff at really.

  8. Kai is exactly right. This “argument” addresses nothing expressed in the NYT article. It is entirely anthropocentric when not totally irrelevant.

  9. Dennis, the thesis statement in the above article is:
    “It’s completely absurd to argue against veganism with a ‘plants feel pain’ argument.”
    Just as the NY Time article used a relatively unrelated hook about vegans to grab attention for an article about plant science, this article uses a relatively unrelated hook about the NY Times article to grab attention about animal sentience.

  10. Uh-huh.

  11. Always remember, being a vegan means never having to have your food forgive you!

  12. “Nonvegans cause more harm; vegans cause less harm. Plain and simple.”
    – What kind of argument is this? LOL

    “We know for certain that animals feel pain. Plants probably don’t feel pain. Animals definitely feel pain.”
    – What is your defenition of pain? I red in one site, that if plant don’t scream and run that means it does not feel anything. WOW. The fact is that cutted plant reacts immediately. If it does not feel pain in same way you do, it doesn’t mean that it don’t feel pain at all.

    “If plants feel pain, it’s certainly not the same kind of pain that animals feel. This is not like this.”
    – WHAT?!?! Who are you to decide?

    “Eating animals increases your risk for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity while a plant-based diet reduces your risk of disease.”
    – Leave it to people to decide, OK? Even most healthy people wont live for ever.

    “Animal agriculture is far more responsible for global warming than plant agriculture.”
    – Can you provide satatistics, scientific research?

  13. Rycka –
    I start with the last point. You want stats and research regarding the relationship between animal agriculture and global warming? Sure, check out:

    Regarding human health: and

    Regarding pain, please watch:

  14. Some years back a highly reputable anthropologist wrote a book demonstrating that it was precisely plant agriculture that began the process of blight on this planet. In brief, agriculture made it possible to feed huge numbers of people which resulted in the change from relatively small numbers of nomadic meat-eaters to the creation of huge urban centers. These urban centers, over time, produced most of the things we complain about—which could not have been created to any great extent by nomadic carnivores.

    Bye the way, the perception of pain is an extremely complex issue that involves individual, species, historical, and cultural differences. Strictly speaking, I do not know what sensations another organism might be experiencing, whatever they might be. All that is perceived is external behaviors. That plants do not run screaming does not mean that some sort of discomfort, anxiety, or death-process is not in the plant psyche. Arguments against plant feelings are no more or less than anthropocentric projection onto something that is just different from ourselves—and is that not the cause of a whole lot of trouble in this world. On an issue of this important, one must assume the worst case and accept the infliction of “pain” on all life or else starve to death!

  15. Dennis wrote: “one must assume the worst case and accept the infliction of ‘pain’ on all life or else starve to death!”

    I disagree. STRONGLY.
    Remove the word “all” and replace it with “some.” And I’ll disagree less.

    Anyone who believes that plants feel plain must choose which kinds of life should suffer so that we may eat it.
    Our choices are:
    a) eat lots of plants AND lots of animals
    b) eat some plants

    Literally, the choice is:
    a) do lots of damage to animals, the environment and your health
    b) do minimal damage to animals and the environment, but none to your health

  16. Uh-huh. And you conveniently ignore the issue about plant agriculture & damage to the environment, i.e., the rise of large urban areas with 7-figure populations chewing up & pooping up the world a mile-a-minute. Nomadic meat-eaters could never accomplish such levels of developmental damage. It is also arguable that plant agriculture makes genocidal war possible. Pile on billions of tons of insecticides and herbicides and, well, I guess I’m just not seeing anything compelling, let alone conclusive, about any of your responses. To put it mildly, you present no evidence that meat-eating contributes anything extra to environmental damage.

  17. I see.

    You and I are using the same word, “meat” to describe two different things. I am using it to describe the food labeled as meat at grocery stores and restaurants. You are talking about dead animal flesh scavenged or hunted by nomads. Are you a nomadic subsistence hunter?

    For the record, the dictionary definition of “meat” includes the edible portions of fruits and nuts, too. Are you going to argue against veganism using more twisted logic based on an equivocation of the word “meat”?

  18. Dennis, this is for you:

  19. “the rise of large urban areas with 7-figure populations chewing up & pooping up the world a mile-a-minute.”

    How is that relevant to the modern world? What’s done is done: giant cities exist. How is continuing to eat animals going to change that?
    .-= Louche´s last blog ..Cross-Training in Social Justice Movements =-.

  20. The juxtaposition of the cow and the potato does not strengthen your argument. It instead shows that it is really the “more like me a being is the less I want to eat it” sort of thing. Of course I can’t look a potato in the eye, but neither can I into the eyes of a number of animals.

    I don’t understand the need to claim that plants absolutely can not feel pain.

  21. “the ‘more like me a being is the less I want to eat it’ sort of thing.”

    Guess what? That’s OK. There’s where most people begin to over come their prejudices. They realize they have plenty in common with the “othered” and begin to stop othering.

  22. I just worry about arguments based filiation. Should we treat Others with respect and dignity because they are like us?

  23. Royce, you dope. The “look the potato in the eye” thing was a gag. Get it? Potatoes have eyes.

  24. Vegans do not have to prove that plants aren´t sentient beings to make their case; even if ONE SINGLE PLANT suffers equally or even MORE than a cow, think about how many plants the cow has to eat to grow big before it goes to the slaughter. If plants are sentient, then the meat industry would cause even more harm. This one´s a no-brainer.

  25. I think that people come up with arguments like these as a sort of last resort…but…but..

    There might be some truth in it though (just a little tiny bit ). I mean I can only guess at what an other organism experiences. How could you really prove anything (except them not having a nervous system and all.) But still assuming they’re living and therefore have some experience because of it. Animals need to eat,drink, and have space, You could feed them on grass so tada more plants “killed”. The amount of and acces to safe drinkingwater is surely not going to increase either. And all the space the cow takes up during it’s life is a lot more than you would need to feed yourself with.

    Anyway I never take it really seriously.

    On Dennis his comments:

    It’s true that Nomadic meat-eaters caused the world less harm than practically all people in “western countries” do now. That’s not because of them eating meat though but their (as we would call it) minimalistic lifestyle and way way way smaller populations. Ans yes living like they do prevents getting such a huge worldpopulation. There are a lot of different kinds of agriculture, some really harmfull,pesticides and monocultures suck. But there are other ways to do it and just like grass fed meat this is done on a much smaller scale (unfortunately)but very practically possible on a big scale. You could make an argument on a meat eater that eats only organic vs a vegan that eats purely supermarket veggies. But an organic vegan wins from an organic meateater. I say organic knowing organic doesn’t neccesary mean perfectly environmentally less harmful but this comment is already to long to say it otherwise. Veganism can feed the (over)population, world wide meat eating just can’t not with grass fed or hunting either.

    The human worldpopulation is way to big, it’s no good to any of us this is the case. True, absolutely true. But it is where we are now.

    I don’t think of killing half of us as a solution. I mean I think we all agree on eating humans is not the way to go right, very soylent green and all but no thanks ;-).

    But even if we would go back to the original way of life we would lose a lot of the good things society has giving us. For instance sometimes cutting our lifespan in half. Depending on wich “original” way of life you would chose and how and where you live right now.

    I often get arguments like this from meat eating friends. And while it’s not a bad argument. None of them chose to live primitive.They actually live way less sustainable than i do with or without taking food into account.

    I have mixed thoughts on veganism, but not on the environmental effect it has.And i should learn to keep my comments short and current.

  26. And i meant can’t instead of can’t not. that was a typo

  27. A marine biologist turned environmental researcher, applied himself to the task of scientifically proving whether or not plants feel pain, eggs feel pain and so forth. His name is Lyall Watson, the book is The Romeo Error.
    His research proved it: when a plant is exposed to a flame, it feels a type of response able to be proven: on a lie detector. That when 6 eggs are in a carton, and one of them is taken out of the carton and put in a pot of boiling water, the other 5 eggs show a “scream” type of response on the lie detector. That later on, the worst “scream” (going by the output of lines on the lie detector tape), a terrible thing happens, when a baby is being aborted and the lie detector has it’s electrode on the mothers’ belly.
    There is the “wilt” experience, and this is very important for those of us that routinely apologise to a parsley plant because we just wanted to pick some and eat some: say to the plant: “I’m going to take some of your growth”, wait a few second (7 seconds) and the plant’s natural response is to “wilt”: it’s lifeforce, the part that makes it feel alive, will go downward into the roots, temporarily; and THEN pick the parsley/plant whatever, and it won’t feel pain or problems. As soon as the person walks away, the lifeforce and “beingness”, the awareness of the plant, recovers.
    I do suppose that the above is why the Holy Bible does not ban the eating of vegetables in case we hurt the vegetable.
    Try Lyall Watson as a wonderful author who has investigated miracles (to see if they happen: and proved they happen); a book also called Lightning Bird, about deepest Africa and exploring the people there. “Gifts of Unknown Things” is the book he wrote about miracles. Whether or not you agree, you will be entertained nicely, and probably, after reading Mr Watson’s books, you will be more knowledgeable. If he investigates something and has not found the answer, he says precisely: “I don’t know, YET, but I’ll research this”: he’s humble and no pretender. Lyall is a New Zealand Author, and has proven to myself that surely, even Mother Earth, all of her, has a type of AWARENESS, so I feel we must, we being humankind, learn to be kinder and more gentle, and that every kindness, every kind thought, word and deed, adds to the sum total of kindness on Earth. Please extrapolate.
    from Jessica. (A bookshop in Auckland, New Zealand, called Pathfinders, or Goodeys, could supply by mail order, the above books). Happy carrot-stick eating.

  28. Let’s try again about those carrot-sticks and how plants do have a negative response to pain: being picked, cut, pruned.
    To harvest potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other such vegetables:
    To get them to “wilt in sympathy” so they cannot feel the pain, indeed the approaching person can apologise, say they need to eat and that they are about to be harvested: and within a few seconds, the parts of the carrot that have the awareness, goes into the surrounding dirt and is not harmed, that’s a type of “wilt in sympathy”: THEN harvest. It seems the awareness goes through the very bottom of the carrot, that little root right at the bottom of it. If a man had 70 carrots in his garden, we would ask him to leave in the ground, uneaten, 7 carrots, that Mother Nature could enjoy, and that insects and birds and so forth will enjoy, even just to admire the look of them, or even to provide a nice habitat. Hens, chickens, enjoy looking at carrots, and it’s a companion gardening repeller and healer of Avian Influenza, so please grow some carrots in the henhouse area, and leave them be. It does seem kinder to eat nuts and fruit, of course, if there were a plentiful supply, berries included, and if enough variety of vitamins and minerals were available. If it were cruel to harvest carrots, there would have been very, very strong warnings in the Sacred Scripts. In fact, scripturally, in various religions, there are clear warnings, mostly about diet it’s: do not eat the meat of the pig. Its’ a health warning and it’s a humane warning, since the pig is known as being very, very intelligent. Remember to, to give a few seconds warning to trees when you are about to prune them, so the tree’s energy can go downward to avoid hurting the tree’s branch when using the loppers or seceteurs, later once the branch has been pruned, the lifeforce/awareness will return unharmed. Please take it easy on the feelings of the chickens, they are born to lay eggs plus other reasons, and they are NOT there for someone to keep on and on and on thieving those eggs: they are for the mother hen to enjoy laying and raising her own little babies. Please respect that. And of course, to eat chicken-flesh is eating the babies of a motherhen. Other animals: same thing. Animals like viewing pretty countryside, too. I protest too, against factory-farms, they are the cruellest, most horrible places for those living inside them.
    from Jessica.

  29. Jessica, from what you describe, Mr. Watson’s book, it isn’t a first. ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ was published some 30 years ago and is commonly cited as ‘proof’ that plants feel pain.

    The problem with these works is that they are extremely unscientific. Generally, they identify some unique characteristic in plants, such as an electric response when exposed to a damaging act, or plants growing to different types of music, and then they claim this as unequivocal proof that plants are sentient. Science doesn’t work this way. It has been known for a long time that plants have different chemical reactions to certain stimuli, this does not equal sentience. Almost all of a plant’s actions can be explained by different chemical reactions. Finding one piece of data, and then jumping to an extremely complex pre-conceived conclusion: “Plants are sentient!” Is not the scientific method, and should never be taken seriously.

    ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ additionally includes a lot of wacky ideas such as the proposition that plants possess ESP.

  30. Humans are omnivores. Fact.

    BTW, I love the Vegan “discussion policy”.

  31. Rasta, it’s true that humans are omnivores. We are capable of eating lots of things. That isn’t a good reason to eat animal products. Think about it. We’re capable of eating fingernails, placenta, human hair, ear wax, mud patties… does it mean we should?

  32. @Rycka: “Even most healthy people wont live for ever.”

    Um… most healthy people won’t live forever…. but some will? LOL. Sorry, couldn’t resist! And I thought it might be good to throw a hint of lightheartedness into this tough debate.

    So essentially there’s no right or wrong answer bc the issue of vegetarianism for ethical reasons is not black and white? Because as a fairly recent vegetarian (though not vegan) married to an omnivore-leaning-towards-carnivore, this argument has been posed to me and I feel like I need a solid reason for not eating dead animals, which I thought I’d find here.

    Can I just throw out there that there’s the concept of “animal rights” in society, but I’ve never heard of anyone for or against “plant rights”. Why is that? Is it again because animals are more like us than plants? So humans are egocentric by nature… I think that goes without saying, though. Sigh.

  33. I love you guys, its very clear in the Discussion Policy, discuss everything if and only if you agree with us in everything.

    If you are going to say anything we dont like (pro-meat, pro-dairy, etc) its against the policies.

    this means, “We don’t know anything and we dont want to know”

  34. Plants most definitely do not feel pain!

    From an evolutionary point of view, the system pain in animals and humans clearly fulfills a specific biological function. It signals damage to the body and urges the animal to withdraw or flee from the pain stimulus.
    A plant cannot as a whole withdraw from a pain stimulus, because it is a stationary organism. So pain simply does not make sense for plant life.

    Even if you believe plants did not evolve but were created by a divinity, plant pain is a ludicrous notion. Why would pain be created in creatures that could only suffer from it, without any of the benefits linked to pain in animals? That would be really cruel.

    Besides, there is no physiological pain system in plants.

    So, it is not even a matter of degree, because plants do not feel pain, period. It is morally indefensible to eat animals as long as you can eat plants instead.

  35. Jagadish Chandra Bose proved that plants feel pain. Four times as much a human.

  36. Your perception of a cow vs a potato is irrelevent.
    a faulty argument.

  37. I’m curious to find out what blog system you are using? I’m experiencing some small security issues with my latest website and I would like to find something more safeguarded. Do you have any suggestions?

  38. Meat tastes like awesome. :D

  39. Plants feel pain and terror and the evidence IS mounting.

    The Three Stages of Truth
    1. Ridicule
    2. Violent Opposition
    3. Acceptance

    The plants eater will come around, just like the animal eaters have.

  40. Well, one thing that can’t really be argued against is agriculture does account for many of the problems faced by society today, mainly I am talking about overpopulation and urban crowding/disease Plant based diets allow more people to be fed which contributes to the former. When the people stopped following the migrational patterns of the animals they hunted, the latter arose. Without agriculture, societies could not have such large populations; simply, it is not feasible to have a population of 100,000 or even 1,000 that hunts for its own food. Hunter/gatherer is the original environmentalism. It keeps populations balanced, produces tiny amounts of waste, and doesn’t cut down forests to make farming space or houses. Look at Native American cultures for example. They may have killed and eaten animals, but the thanked it for giving it’s life and allowing them to consume it.

    I am not trying to take a pro anything stance btw. I am an omnivore but I also get as many products as possible from farms and places where I can see the animals and know how they love. No, it is not convenient to drive to a farm 30 minutes away to get pasture eggs, but it is healthier and more humane to get those eggs than supposedly free range from Walmart. Same with milk. Although I know it is difficult to do that with meat and I don’t always, I still do that as much as possible. I respect people who are vegan and vegetarian, but not when they try to force their views down others throats. (not intended at you btw, want to clarify in case it seemed so lol) what bothers me is the lack of respect for animal life that many meat eaters seem to have. The animal is the reason they are eating, not a supernatural being. People need to respect the life that has been sacrificed for them to live, plant or animal, and the should require and demand for those lives to be respected while it is alive. I.E. pasture, grass fed farming. (finished with my rant ha)

    Thanks for your time,

  41. To those who say agriculture and vegan-ism is good for society, read the short essay by Jared Diamond, “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race.” It’s a very interesting theory to say the least.


  42. Please refute the scientific evidence. Studies have been done with electrodes showing that plants react to being torn apart or harmed. They’re another living creature. Just because they don’t have a face doesn’t mean they aren’t alive and have no feeling. Some plants actively reach out to the sun throughout the day. Is this not life? Plants are bombarded with insecticides and other unnatural chemicals. If the meat industry is horrific, so is our agriculture industry. Not to mention the fact that many animals would eat us given the chance. They eat each other. It’s the circle of life. I’m sure this is just going to anger you and make you or someone respond. I don’t care. I’m gonna go eat a steak just for you.

  43. They eat each other. It’s the circle of life. >>

    I believe at one TIME in OUR-STORY (NOT “HISTORY” OR “HERSTORY”)
    they didn’t — did NOT.

    as far as “”” IT’s the circle of life…

    THIS IS what we are moving out of… samsara…either way… though it’s okay — the circle of life — TIME is NOW — coming

  44. My view is that it would be rather unfair for a just God to put grass and other plants under our feet and animals feet and have them feel pain. Not to mention they wouldn’t be able to move away from the pain either. That seems wrong, so it seems only reasonable that plants wouldn’t be able to feel pain. Other beings that feel pain are able to move away from it. It’s just humans that take the beings that can feel pain and put them in an environment where they can’t really get away from it.

    I won’t discredit the fact of plants not feeling pain, because I can’t 100% prove it, but I find it highly unlikely. On the other hand it is 100% proven that animals feel pain. Anyone with a pet knows this, and anyone who has visited a slaughterhouse would know even better. Let’s work with what is already obvious and 100% proven. If you eat animals, you know better, cut the excuses.

  45. Come on guys, lets face it. It doesn’t matter if plants can or can’t feel pain because only animals are ADORABLE. You can’t hug a carrot, duh! That’s why you hug it with your insides during a nice yoga/digestion session. Aren’t ANY of you in touch with the Mother Spirit?

    The Mother Spirit hates plants, as they are not capable of Vegan love. Only Vegans practice self-denial by turning all plant matter into animal matter so that it too can experience the love of choosing not to eat another animal and blogging about it. Or writing, if you’re not evolved, but paper is murder because logging isn’t killing the plant for food.

    Once all plants have been turned into animals, the world will know a greener type of eco-safe peace. If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to direct you to some safe, science tested literature from the same site that we’re on. But as for this closed-minded ‘discussion’ stuff, it just HAS to go.

    Oh, btw, @Eccentric Vegan: You GO, Sister! Loving the pro-veg news links! If only everyone could be as open minded as you…

  46. Oh, I know, I know! Put the two together and it makes a nice dish. It is also tastier than eating a plain potato only.
    I do not have anything against vegetarians – actually my godmother is one too, and my father used to be one. But when they come with “howcanyakillthatcuteanimal” thing, I just… Gah. Yeah. It’s cute. Soo… What? Face it, it’s usually the VEGANS who attack meat-eaters and not vice-versa. That happens too, but we have to defend ourselves somehow, too, right? Life is life – whether one has a face or not, do feel pain or not, you’re taking one whether you eat meat or plants, vegetables, fruits. End of story.

  47. I am doing an ” art piece” in the spirit of the Bose experiments.
    The piece will be a clock running a long pendulum which will be shaped like the sharp blade of a curved knife . ( Think Edgar Allen Poe’s story of the Pit and the Pendulum) So the ” torture ” of a carrot is the pendulum blade back and forth closer and close cut the carrot. The observer of this will be a carrot green in a pot close to and ” observing ” this torture of her own kind. The question is not just if the carrot screams in pain , but what happens to the healthy growing carrot in a pot ” forced” to witness this ” torture”. My thesis of this strange art piece… Do carrots have awareness of the torture and killing of their own kind? If so would we see any loss of energy in the potted plant? Would this relate in any way to studying a concept of empathy within the plant world. We know plants have knowledge of their surroundings, the have evolved all kinds of devices to trap their seeds into animals hair, skin, etc in order to spread their own kind. We know plants have hormones and light and heat sensors and can adjust movement of themselves to say wrap their tendrils around a wire or a branch. We know that some people clearly seem to be plant whisperers and thrive well and other people seem to kill plants for want of love care or what ever. Some people are especially attuned to plants and others are not..
    So the point of this art piece.. People will look at this strange piece with a clock pendulum made like a knife, cutting a carrot in a Gothic way like Poe and will no doubt have their own revulsion to the torture of anything not just cutting a carrot. They will observe the lilting of the potted carrot plant.
    Do humans have empathy towards the torture of a plant?
    Do humans exposed to a lot of violence and torture become torturers themselves.
    What would the general effect of this art piece be?
    WTF is this… BS?
    So… is this pro or against veganism?
    Would the knowledge that plants are aware of the killing and torture of their own kind mean anything to us?
    Why would anyone make such a piece?
    ( I studied the experiments of Bose many years ago and I have a
    part of me which would love to know that plants are just like me)
    But even if I was convinced that plants feel pain , suffer , have empathy even at a distance, would this change my behavior?
    If I cannot eat plants, and cannot eat meats, would I really choose to die rather than knowingly live in cruelty.
    ( I confess I do not know the answers to these questions and I confess that I do eat plants and animals but feel very guilty about hurting and cruelty of animals , but maybe I feel guilty of hurting plants as well.
    If I was God.. I would not make a world where living things must live by eating and killing other living things..
    I believe in God dearly , I feel guilty for being a meat eater, but I still do this..
    I started this art piece , then found this wonderful blog. I would most appreciate any comments you may have about this ” art piece” and why I may be struggling with it.

  48. I really like this blog.. I think I will make the study more on humans … why do we revile the Gothic torture of a carrot as apposed to just sitting with my knife and cutting board cutting up my carrot happily for the dinner stew or salad..
    Why do some humans not react to Gothic torture ?
    Why do some humans see kitchen knife cutting as the same thing?
    Do Adults , do children exposed to my strange art piece act in different ways..
    Is all this just BS?
    I kinda think it helps me to be closer to becoming a vegan… not away…

  49. Vegans that say veganism is good because it has less of an impact on the environment are correct in saying so.

    Those that are saying veganism is good because doesn’t cause pain to living organisms are wrong (in the eyes of those arguing that plants DO feel pain). Omnivores who use that argument are not saying they’re better; they’re just saying that vegans are being hypocritical.


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