Signs Of Progress

Signs Of Progress

Sometimes it’s easy to think that animal advocacy is a fruitless task. We strive to create a world where animals have legal protections and where the laws are enforced, but most of the time we don’t see any tangible signs of change.

The change is there, though. We just have to keep our eyes open and recognize the progress we’ve made. It’s a slow process that will take many years. But the tide is turning.

Peter Singer has a new popular article up right now about these symbols of change. From the article:

“To seek to reduce the suffering of those who are completely under one’s domination, and unable to fight back, is truly a mark of a civilized society.”

“Charting the progress of animal-welfare legislation around the world is therefore an indication of moral progress more generally. Last month, parallel developments on opposite sides of the world gave us grounds for thinking that the world may, slowly and haltingly, be becoming a little more civilized.”

“First, the British House of Commons passed a motion directing the government to impose a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. The motion followed the release of undercover footage, obtained by Animal Defenders International, of a circus worker repeatedly beating Anne, an elephant. [...]”

“More controversially, the lower house of the Dutch parliament passed a law giving the Jewish and Islamic communities a year to provide evidence that animals slaughtered by traditional methods do not experience greater pain than those that are stunned before they are killed. If the evidence cannot be provided, stunning before slaughter will be required in the Netherlands.”

Read the rest of “How animal welfare signals moral progress” here >>
(Emphasis added.)

And remember: when you fight for animal rights you are on the right side of history. We WILL change the world!

2 Responses to Signs Of Progress

  1. What is that logo means? a sign of progress will only come from heaven? I agree to you, animals is important but there’s still an evil man who hunt and sell them for his own benefits. Well that’s the life in this modern society every one would do everything just to survive by himself.


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