Raw Vegan For 30 Days

This is a trailer for a documentary called Raw Food For 30 Days.

They describe the film:

“Six McDonalds-munching Americans eat 100% vegan live foods for a month. Medical results are fantastic. Doctors , experts, and raw foodists are interviewed including Gabriel Cousens, MD, David Wolfe, and Woody Harrelson.”

And in the film they say:

“By the fourth day they were off insulin. By the end of the 30 days their blood sugar had stabilized and they had effectively reversed their diabetes.”


“You are what you eat.”

The website for the documentary is: http://rawfor30days.com/

2 Responses to Raw Vegan For 30 Days

  1. wow!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is what my husband needs right now. To be free from diabetes. What do I feed him for 30 days so that he will be normal again. My husband is 63 and overweight.



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