Protest Advice From Sanity Rally

I did not attend the Sanity and/or Fear Rally.

Instead, I went to an animal rights protest. I demonstrated against a pet store that sells puppy mill dogs. I spent a few hours holding signs and handing out leaflets on a cool Fall day with four other women. Here’s a picture of us from a few weeks ago at another demonstration in front of another pet store:

But when I saw some of the signs from the Sanity Rally, I thought the advice was good enough to share. Without further ado, here are your…

top five protest tips gathered from signs at the sanity rally:

protest signs
1. Reserve protest signs for simple ideas, not complex ideas.

2. Plan your signs in advance. Make sure you have enough room to say what you want to say. The general rule is 6 words or fewer.
Example: Cows Milk Comes From Grieving Mothers

3. Feel free to embellish your protest signs with colors and sparkly things. Just don’t go so overboard that your sign becomes illegible.
Example: go naked and wrap your I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur sign around your body.

4. Hold your protest sign correctly.
Example: hold your Stop Animal Experiments sign right side-up.

5. And… check your spelling.
Example: Vegetarians Make Better Lovers (not Vegitarians Make Beter Luvrs)


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