Pigs Like These

Pigs Like These

This is a photo of pigs at a slaughterhouse.

Pigs like these were slaughtered for meat. Pigs like these had their heads cut off. Pigs like these had their brains blown out so some people could eat pig brains.

The process the slaughterhouse used to remove the brains has caused a new disease for slaughterhouse workers. A New York Times article explains:

“The disease bore no resemblance to mad cow disease or to trichinosis, the notorious parasite infection that comes from eating raw or undercooked pork. Nor did it spread person to person [...]

“A survey of the workers confirmed what the plant’s nurses had suspected: those who got sick were employed at or near the ‘head table,’ where workers cut the meat off severed hog heads.”

Pigs like these have the intelligence of dogs or three-year-old human children. Pigs like these can be gentle and playful with people and other pigs. Pigs like these can play video games, know their names, and dream.
Cute Pig

The Times article continues…

“[E]xposure to the hog brain itself might have touched off an intense reaction by the immune system, something akin to a giant, out-of-control allergic reaction. [...]The aerosolized brain matter might have been inhaled or swallowed, or might have entered through the eyes, the mucous membranes of the nose or mouth, or breaks in the skin.[...]

“‘[I]t makes biologic sense that what you have here is an inhalation of brain material from these pigs that is eliciting an immunologic reaction.’ What may be happening, [Dr. Osterholm] said, is ‘immune mimicry,’ meaning that the immune system makes antibodies to fight a foreign substance — something in the hog brains — but the antibodies also attack the person’s nerve tissue because it is so similar to some molecule in hog brains.[...]

“Anatomically, pigs are a lot like people.”

Pigs like these are very similar to humans. Pigs like these would rather be your friend than your dinner.

As Mary Martin says,

“When I look at the photo above [..] I am nauseated and distressed. What if they were dogs? Why is it that we can slaughter 19,000 hogs in one day, at just one plant, and the reporter doesn’t find anything wrong with that? What has become of our sense of right and wrong when the story is about the 12 people, most of whom have recovered and none of whom had their brains blown out, rather than about what we do as a matter of course to sentient beings? Why isn’t the story about the ‘distinctive scent’ of the plant that makes it ‘easy to find from just about anywhere in town?’ Do you think that stench is harmless? And why do we think we wouldn’t have problems (other than the obvious karmic ones) when we blow animals to smithereens?”

15 Responses to Pigs Like These

  1. This is terrible. These poor pigs!

  2. Awwww……Pigs are my favorite animal. How could they do such a thing!!??

  3. Cute little pigs so sad and smushed it makes me want to cry!

  4. It’s so cruel how they treat animals!!! I cry everytime I see the pigs going down the road from the farm to a slaughterhouse :(

  5. I agree with you 100% people treat animals with such negect its not right at all!

  6. this is ridiculous ..
    cant we do something ?

  7. reta, yes, we can do something. Start by going vegan :)

  8. Poor pigs!
    The peaple who do this are real monsters, how can someone do something so terrible?
    2 lifes is worth the same!
    It coud be dogs, or it coud be cats and it cuold be humans!
    Poor pigs..I`m start crying..

  9. pigs are my favorite animal they rock but we have to help them NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I don’t think its wrong to eat pigs or any other non endangered species of animal, as long as you hunt it yourself with only a knife,ax or bow. Mass slaughter is so wrong and the way these heartless people treat the inocent, funloving, beautiful animals is criminal. [edit: admin removed sentence] What is wrong with these people and what’s worse what’s wrong with God for letting us do this to his amazing creations! I hate people.

  11. i love pigs they r so mean
    <3 :(

  12. How dare you do that to my cute piggies. I want to cry my whole life for them. Pigs are my favorite animal!!!! Tundra that [person above is the meanest person in the world!!! How dare you say that!!

  13. I personally have stopped eating pork. Having said that: Pigs are also cruel to each other, pick on the weaker ones in the herd, manipulate each other, and when a new male is introduced into the herd they fight to establish dominance. In other words, they have many of the negative traits of humans as well as the positive.

  14. pigs are intelligent, and can understand words , and vocalization is utilized by them. they are however, omnivorous prey animals, having the ability to rapidly reproduce, and they are goods at converting one form of food into another. this is proberbly one of the reasons they are eaten by people. case into point is you wont find many elephant farms, the also are intelligent, and vocalise, but are slow to reproduce, and eat lots of forage for a pounds of meat. all and all rather than trying to end pork products, it would be better to treat them without respect before eating them. all and all they taste delicious.

  15. pigs are cool


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