Oprah: How We Treat The Animals We Eat

Oprah: How We Treat The Animals We Eat

Oprah is doing another show about animal agriculture. This was forwarded to me:

“Lisa Ling Reports: How We Treat the Animals We Eat (PG)
Have you ever wondered what “cage-free” or “range-free” really means? Lisa Ling gets a rare look inside some of America’s farms. Where does our food come from?”

“Coming up on Tuesday, October 14, big news! Oprah is covering ‘How We Treat the Animals We Eat.’ Go to http://www.oprah.com/index . On the screen on the rights side of your screen, click on ‘Tue’ to see the promo video. You’ll see footage of horrendous battery cages and sow gestation crates, and hear HSUS’s Wayne Pacelle saying ‘The issue is the decency toward the animals.’ He is no doubt talking about California’s Proposition 2, which would ban some of the most heinous caging.”

Here’s the direct link >>

And here’s the preview video:

Let’s tell our omni friends and family to watch. Exposure to the truth about animal agriculture DOES convert people veganism. The reason factory farms and slaughterhouses don’t have windows or give tours to the public is because of this fact – if they exposed the truth of their operations, they’d lose business. If Oprah’s show features just a few graphic images, the show will likely make at least a few new vegans. It’s guaranteed.

Let me give you an example: I saw the HBO special about PETA president Ingrid Newkirk, “I Am An Animal.” I watched it with an omnivore. Neither of us were all that impressed by the documentary. In my eyes, Ingrid doesn’t come off as an especially likable person, though I do strongly identify with her. And the way it was edited, how the short film tried to cover so much, it just seemed all over the place, unfocused, and disconnected. To me, it left a negative impression of PETA. And the omni I watched the show with shared my impression. And when the graphic videos of animal torture came on, she just sat in her usual defiance of reality, claiming “Those videos aren’t real. They don’t really torture animals like that.”

Exasperated, I basically gave up on her. I drop pro-vegan messages into conversations here and there. And I make sure to expose her to tasty vegan food, but she’s still living in a delusion that she *needs* meat to survive and she still clings to her delusion that Kosher slaughter is humane. However, she HAS reduced her meat consumption. And she’s open to sharing vegan meals with me. So, all those little things add up. Even if she’s not ready to completely convert to vegetarianism or veganism, she’s recognized that she doesn’t need to eat as many animals as she once did. And in that way, she – and I – are saving lives.

At first, I thought graphic videos weren’t compelling because they didn’t compel her to change her diet. Graphic videos are so disturbing to me and ton most compassionate people, sometimes it’s hard to see the value in them. But then I met a vegan who converted OVERNIGHT. She watched “I Am An Animal” and stopped eating animals the same day. She spent an entire day watching graphic videos and she converted to veganism immediately. The videos did it. The videos. It wasn’t a kind, compelling vegan. It wasn’t a tasty vegan meal. It wasn’t a health crisis. For her, it was THE videos. For others, the videos change minds, too.

We know these images work. They work on us. We become teary-eyed or angry when we see animals being tortured. We know it’s wrong. And we also know that we’re not so dissimilar to omnivores. Many of us vegans were once omnivores. We know they have the seeds of compassion, too. And we can’t give up on them. We have to keep trying to get them to see. We have to keep trying to expose them to the truth, the wholly unnecessary cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. Even if they don’t ‘get it’ the first time, we have to keep showing them the truth. We have to keep showing these videos.

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  1. I thought I heard this the other day! I only heard it mentioned once… haven’t heard it since, so I thought I might have imagined it. Can’t wait to see it!

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  2. i am so happy to see you are doing this. you will save so many lives. it hurts my heart. i almost feel ashamed to be human. this is legal murder. why is human life more important? who told us that? (a human……..let’s think logically…how is this even sane? take away money and flavour. is this misery worth it? we are bullies and we should totally be ashamed of ourselves!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Finally!

    I always said that if we wanted to change the world or show the world about animal cruelty it had to be during the Super Bowl or on Oprah!


    Keep spreading the word..

    I am giving away my Omni’s Guide to Vegetarianism Ebook.

    Please pass this link along to ALL you omni friends :)

    Lets keep it rollin!


  4. The trailer above is misleading as it makes it look like Oprah is going to expose the “free-range” for what it really is. It turned out to be one big commercial for “happy meat”. As an alternative to factory farms they showed some of the most idyllic free range farms for hens, pigs and cows. As anyone can find out at humanemyth.org, so called “free-range” operations are far far from this. I’m afraid that potential future veg*ns will now simply choose “happy meat” over ever considering vegetarian or vegan. The guy from HSUS claimed that factory farms commodify animals, as if free-range operations do not. I’m sure it will make some people think deeper and ultimately go vegan but I’m afraid it might negate that benefit by giving everyone an out to clear their conscience by just choosing “free range”.

  5. Pete, I don’t think it was a commercial for happy meat. I think it was about Prop 2 and it came across as more ‘vote yes’ than ‘vote no.’

    And I think there were some key points, like where they reminded people of how intelligent pigs are and how loyal geese are. Where they made the animals WHOs instead of WHATs.

    I think it could have been better and the trailer does make ‘free-range’ seem appealing, but overall, I think getting this issue on Oprah at all is a net good.

  6. I’m so glad Oprah showed this though. I couldn’t bare to eat meat anymore after watching this and I’m proud to stand up now and say no to the slaughter/torture of animals for profit. I cut out milk and most dairy a little more than 3 years ago and am now cutting out animals products all together.

  7. Way to go, Pamela! Congratulations!

  8. I had a chance to see this show yesterday and got so excited that Oprah did something like this that I wrote an article on it too!

    I know that the show was not perfect but it was in my opinion definitely a step in the right direction. I am sure it will make many more people more aware now when they buy and eat their meat.

    I mean it was nothing compared to PETA videos but it was good!

    What I still can’t believe is how the farmers and that opposing lady Julie were justifying the poor treatment of the animals. I wonder what they will think when they watch themselves saying this on national TV – hopefully something will click in their heads of how ridiculous they were sounding trying to defend money and space, like there is no other choice?

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  9. I am a Vegan and huge animal lover from South Africa!!! Oprah – keep up the good work and expose the horrors that animals suffer at the hands of humans. Who gives them the right to do this to God’s creatures? How do they sleep at night? That is why I prefer animals to humans any day! It upsets me to watch videos and other material of animal abuse – but I force myself to watch because I need to know what goes on in the world. I cannot bury my head in the sand and pretend it is not happening just to sooth my own conscience! God Bless – Engela Botha, Bergbron, Gauteng, South Africa.

  10. All humans should become vegans and stop torturing animals.

  11. I thought I would comment and say that the ‘videos’ convinced me to become vegan overnight and that was 5 years ago. I ordered a free vegetarian kit [I don't remember what website it was from, probably PETA] I popped the DVD in thinking it would be about food preparation.

    I was horrified as I watched slaughterhouse footage, factory farms, animal torture on farms and I couldn’t believe I had been so blind. The next time I visited the grocery store those images made me painfully aware of where that celophane wrapped meat actually came from.

    I always thought of it as ‘food’ and nothing more, but with that one video I felt such an awakening and I’ve never looked back. I think what converts people to veganism is different, it depends on the individual. Some people deny that animal cruelty really occurs so the videos do not have an effect on them, some people come from an angle of health issues, I think that promoting veganism from all angles is important.

  12. A few years ago my wife when to do an auditing (she’s an accountant) at an abatoir and spent a few days in a small office, hearing the animal noices as they were being processed and seing the employees walk around with blood on their clothes. As soon as she came back we became vegetarians. We had tought about it before, but this was the moment it all become too real for her. And I must say that since then we have seen a lot of health benefit as well.
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