New Ad From SmokeFree Vegas

SmokeFree Vegas recently created a powerful TV and radio ad against smoking. They’ve created plenty of powerful ads in the past, but this one is a little different because it talks about animal experiments.

SmokeFree Vegas even put up a special webpage about it at There, they write:

From looking at their magazine ads, some tobacco companies try to make it seem like they love animals. They’ve used cartoon animals and images of people interacting with animals in these ads for years. But in reality, tobacco companies have conducted cruel experiments on animals to try to prove that that tar, nicotine, and other cigarette ingredients aren’t dangerous to people. Their own studies proved them wrong. But, they still lied.

SmokeFree Vegas also has links to more resources and show another video about cigarette companies and animal testing:

The ad campaign is clearly against Big Tobacco and tries to prevent young people from smoking, but it demonstrates something else, too. It shows how big business has a habit of using cruel animal experiments to manipulate the public.

Even if you support animal testing for diseases, please don’t support this kind of animal testing.

One Response to New Ad From SmokeFree Vegas

  1. im not hatin, but i wish they would have shown at least ONE image of actual vivisection…otherwise, great! i love how she says “to try and sell ME cigarettes”


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