Mike Tyson’s Vegan Billboard

Mike Tyson’s Vegan Billboard

Last Chance for Animals put up some pro-vegan billboards in Los Angeles recently.

The billboards feature former professional boxer Mike Tyson, who says he eats a vegan diet these days and that he wished he was vegan from birth.

“I am truly honored and grateful to be a part of this cause,” the 44-year-old said. “It’s been a while since an organization has wanted me for anything and to be a part of something that benefits people and animals in such a positive way is a blessing.” (source)

In other celebrity news, Glenn Beck is eating a plant-based diet for health reasons and Padma Lakshmi has gone back to vegetarianism for the benefit of her baby girl.

7 Responses to Mike Tyson’s Vegan Billboard

  1. It is nice to find the common beauty among individuals by ads like this. A big, strong, boxer who values the beauty of life and health. A wonderful message. Powerful

  2. I love the idea of billboards to spread veganism in general. Does anyone know if Last Chance for Animals a good organisation to donate too.

  3. I put up highway banners all the time basically for free. Basically buy a bunch of graphic peta posters, foam boards and bungee cords and put them around anything like a metal bar on highway overpasses for all the backed up traffic during rush hour to see them as they drive by in slow gridlock near downtown. Look up my videos or FB casey veggie constable! Do it yourself and leafleting your colleges, concerts and events near you, vegan outreach.

  4. Beautiful

  5. Maybe its just me, but I feel like they chose the wrong animal in this picture. I dont know anyone who eats doves, which is what the poster is implying. Why not have a picture of Mike Tyson with a cow, pig, goat, lamb, chicken or deer? He is clearly “loving” this bird, not eating it, but who eats doves??

  6. Some people eat doves in my country, they prepare in staw.

  7. It’s not about eating doves, Mike Tyson keeps pigeons. I think he races them etc. He has his own pet pigeons hence the reason for this bird in the billboard, Mike Tyson actually does love and care for these birds.. why love one animal and eat another?


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