Links For Any Vegan

Links For Any Vegan

We all need a little help now and then.

Whether we’re new to the vegan lifestyle or being vegan is old hat, a list of useful websites is a great resource.

So here is a fantastic list of links for any vegan or vegetarian.

In fact, these are great even if you’re not vegan!

Why Vegan?

  • – great overview for the three main reasons for veganism: people, animals, and the planet
  • – why “happy meat” isn’t enough: it’s not sustainable, it’s not really happy, and it’s not good for your health
  • – labels lie, learn what the words “free-range” and “humane certified” mean

How Vegan?

Inspiring Videos about Veganism:

  • Nonviolence United: – peaceful, happy images with solid reasons for veganism
  • Meet Your Meat: - graphic images of factory farming (how most animal products are produced)
  • Farm to Fridge: – an up-to-date look at modern animal agriculture from Mercy For Animals

Vegan Nutrition:

Vegan Travel:

A few of my personal favorites:

I hope you found this link list useful. You may want to bookmark it for future reference.

Oh and feel free to copy and paste this collection into an email or blog post to share with others.

This post was originally published in April of 2009. It has been updated and republished.

4 Responses to Links For Any Vegan

  1. thanks for the links! :-)
    I think you forgot animal sanctuary :-0

    ~ Recent blog post: She’s so heavy (carry that wieght) ~

  2. Good resource, i became Vegan at Xmas and do find it tough. The animals kills ticking away is upsetting too

  3. hi claire,
    It will get easier the longer you do it. It will also be easier if you make some vegan friends (even just online friends you never meet IRL).
    Good luck :)

  4. I love this list of vegan links! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to share it on facebook.


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