Laughing At Ourselves

The Vegan American Princess recently posted an article on the value of laughing at ourselves, as vegans. She comments on the perception that vegans are humorless and offers a couple of examples where humor is used in a vegan context.

I don’t think that I misrepresent myself when I say that I do have a sense of humor. It is a bit quirky but most of the time comprehensible. I make jokes about myself and my housekeeping habits, my fat self, my laziness, and my obsessions all the time. I find it a lot harder to joke about being a vegan. I don’t know where to start. Yes, there are absurdities in our world. When I think of them, though, I feel that these situations and products are only going to seem funny to other vegans. And it only takes one ounce of knowledge to turn an obvious joke into not funny. A vegan barbecue, for example. To some that would mean gales of laughter, but if you’ve ever had a vegan barbecue you are going to be wondering what’s funny. It may also be funny to be traveling and trying to find a fast food joint that works for everyone, omnis and vegans alike. But it’s really not funny.

I love to laugh, especially at myself. I don’t like to laugh at others. I could laugh at omnis who worry that if they attend a vegan potluck there may not be “anything for them”…but isn’t that cruel too? Or at least just flat?

Help me out here. I really am trying to find the humor.

3 Responses to Laughing At Ourselves

  1. The horrendous and massive cruelty to animals which exists in our world is certainly no laughing matter! However, as vegans, we are doing all we can do for the animals by living a vegan lifestyle and supporting our favorite organizations, etc. Ellen & I blog our brains out every day, not only for our health, but because we care very deeply about the animals! But I think that if we can lighten up and laugh at ourselves a little bit (not the causes for which we stand), we will be in a better position to reach those who have not yet seen the light. There is a clear distinction between poking fun at people who are vegan and poking fun at the causes which are at the heart of the matter. And for the record, I am very much a vegan for the animals, as well as for my own personal health and for the environment. – See more at:

  2. I guess I will qualify as a vegan without a sense of humor by making these comments:

    1. I wondered why a vegan who cares about animals serves animals.

    2. Ben Stiller’s joking about being a bad vegan was just stupid. Especially when he eats fish, which puts him outside the vegan line entirely.

    I honestly am looking for the good humor. I like the funny names of the dishes. Still hunting for more.

  3. Try travelling the world a bit and honing your linguistic skills when asking for food in vegetarian cafes and shops. You might learn to laugh at your own efforts and even ‘omnis’ would get the joke.


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