Las Vegas Vegan Bake Sale

Las Vegas Vegan Bake Sale

Vegas Veg is raising money with a vegan bake sale. The goal is to fundraise for a vegan education campaign in the Las Vegas Valley.

The vegan leadership in Vegas Veg wants Las Vegas to be like other major US cities by having a wide variety of vegan otpions as well as a strong presense of vegans and animal advocates. Most major US cities have news racks that contain free vegan starter guides. Anyone walking by can take a starter guide for themselves.

As part of the Vegas Veg 2012 vegan education campaign, members will be establishing news racks that offer free vegan starter guides to the public. In phase one of the campaign, the racks will be set up in about 10 locations in Clark County including the famous Las Vegas Boulevard (aka “The Strip”). Phase two will include more locations in Henderson, the City of Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas.

Inspired by David Coman-Hidy from The Humane League, the racks will contain vegan starter guides obtained from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In the future, the racks may also contain guides from a variety of nonprofit organizations such as Compassion Over Killing, Vegan Outreach, and Mercy For Animals. The fundraising effort includes a vegan bake sale as well as private donations and possibly a grant from a vegan nonprofit. If you’re in the Vegas area this weekend, please head on over to the bake sale and grab some goodies for a good cause!

What: Vegan Bake Sale

When: July 22 from 10am until 1pm

Where: Sunrise Coffee & Tea House located at 3130 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The bake sale is organized by Vegas Veg. Their main website is, and they are also on meetup: and facebook:

2 Responses to Las Vegas Vegan Bake Sale

  1. Hopefully it’ll go well! Wish I could go there this weekend for the Vegan bake sale! I wish we had vegan bake sales in my hometown.

  2. They have vegan bake sales all over the place. And if they don’t have one near you, have one yourself! Check this out:


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