Key Insights From Wayne Pacelle

A couple nights ago I attended a speech by Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The speech was at a bookstore where he was promoting his new book, The Bond.

This is a video of Mr. Pacelle describing his book.

From my memory, here are a few key insights he made in his speech:

  • Humans have an instinctual connection to animals.
  • The debate about whether or not animals deserve protection from cruelty has been largely settled in this country. Now we just have to match up our values to our economics.
  • The Humane Society is a big tent organization. Whether you’re a hard-core vegan or a die-hard carnivore, we have room for you. Everyone can do something for animals.
  • Our choice between a fur coat, cloth coat, or synthetic coat is of little significance to us. But it’s a matter of life or death for animals.
  • If everyone reduced their meat consumption by 10% that could prevent more suffering than if the number of vegans doubled.
  • It’s not about animal rights; it’s about human responsibility.
  • Have you seen Pacelle speak? What did you think of his talk?

    5 Responses to Key Insights From Wayne Pacelle

    1. I missed his speech in Las Vegas, but I very much like the last point that you quoted of him: “it’s not about animal rights, it’s about human responsibility”. While I believe it is about both, this is a good point to make when speaking out about protecting animals to others who don’t give this much thought yet. If we spin this into the human corner we may find that a larger audience willing to listen to us.

      I am at odds with his point about veganism though, if people are told they are fine by simply reducing their animal consume, this is misleading and just coaxes them into believing they do the right thing, when in facts it’s not even closely enough.

      Every step is important, but while saluting those that reduce their animal foods, we also have to tell them the truth, which is that only full plant-based diets will help animals and our planet in the long run.

    2. Pacelle is a wonderful speaker. I left his talk in Denver wondering about his chances for a presidential bid, heh.

      (The book is great so far, too.)

    3. “If everyone reduced their meat consumption by 10% that could prevent more suffering than if the number of vegans doubled.”

      Interesting and possibly true, but it would be great if both happened! :)

      I like the emphasis on human responsibility too.

    4. Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, tnhkas!


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