Increasing Empathy

Increasing Empathy

Can simply observing babies make children more empathetic?
That’s the surprising theory behind one of the more successful anti-bullying programs in our nation’s schools. [...]
a parent brings a baby to school once a month for several months running. Students observe the mom or dad and baby interact [...]
So why babies and not an older child? That’s simple. They are incapable of artifice or hiding their feelings and, as a result, even less emotionally tuned-in children can understand if an infant is happy or sad. As ROE founder Mary Gordon puts it, “Babies are exquisite teachers of empathy because they are theaters of emotion. They don’t hide anything.”

The article also claimed that much of human empathy is hardwired:

“Researchers say that much human empathy is hardwired within us, but can be affected by early experiences. Children who experience neglect or abuse, not surprisingly, are much more likely to grow up to be bullies or abusers themselves.”


I think that animals are also “exquisite teachers of empathy” and are “theaters of emotion.”

And I think children have a natural inclination towards veganism so long as they aren’t hindered by nutritional myths or social bias.

But maybe that’s just me.


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