“I Can’t Live Without Cheese”

Here is a five-step process for how you can eliminate cheese from your diet:

  1. Start by prioritizing. OK, so you really like cheese. Is that a good excuse to keep eating other dairy-based foods that you can live without? Instead of drinking cow’s milk, switch to soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, or almond milk. Instead of dairy-based cream cheese and ice cream, try soy or coconut based products. Experiment with what’s out there and learn to get creative!
  2. Cut back on cheese. Get rid of the cheese in the fridge and only eat it when you’re at a restaurant. Stop ordering “extra cheese” if you’re prone to that and when you can, ask for the cheese on the side so it’s easier to eat less of it. If you’re used to eating cheese every day, cut back to once a week. If you’re used to eating it once a week, but back to once a month. Save cheese for special occassions or when you feel that you can’t find another option.
  3. Be selective. Choose the kinds of cheeses you really enjoy and stop eating the rest. And stick to cheese that comes from a farm that you have personally visited. Remember, if they won’t show you where your food comes from, you shouldn’t eat it!!! ONLY eat from suppliers who are open and honest about what happens on the farm.
  4. Try vegan alternatives. Start experimenting with vegan cheeses. There are LOTS of different kinds you can buy and even more that you can make yourself. When you find one you like, switch to that and cut out the cheese.
  5. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake. If you slip up and eat cheese one day, just dust yourself off and try again. Remember that regression is part of the process for most people, it’s not an excuse to quit. Each new day is an opportunity for a new you.

5 Responses to “I Can’t Live Without Cheese”

  1. Thanks for posting this! It seems like a great thing for people to read who are considering cutting back their intake of dairy products. I hope more people start experiementing with some of the substitutes you mentioned, like vegan cheese and soymilk. They do the job! :)

  2. Thank you for this! I agree, for me cheese is the hardest thing to give up… I have been really happy with making a nutrional yeast substitute that works great for baking things and a sort of cheese sauce:

    So, everyone who loves their cheese should check this out. My non-vegan friends have even commented that they like this stuff as much as or more than real cheese! :-)
    I like and agree with your ideas of cutting back slowly and not being too critical on oneself as well. It’s important to enjoy food, and not to punish oneself too much if you get weak for once…

  3. You could cut this post down by 80% by eliminiating steps 1,2,3,& 5. It’s that easy.


  4. Vegan alternatives to cheese can be very hard to come by in some places (as can all the faux-animal products). Veganism is a much harder sell if it means your diet is fruit and veg, grains, and a limited range of nuts and beans. No tofutti or soy rashers here. Not even soy milk and tofu unless you are wealthy. And animal production practices for dairy animals, while still unethical, are nowhere near as bad as in the USA.


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