How To Go Vegan


Dr. Neal Barnard offers a three-step process for going vegetarian or vegan:

  1. “The first step is: go shopping! If all the recipes you have, have meat and dairy products in them, try some new recipes and make them! If you tend not to cook but eat at restaurants, go to vegetarian or vegan restaurants and try out the menu items. Sublime, of course, is the most obvious example – the most elegant example. If you bring your family members and friends into an environment like that, you will see how eating healthy isn’t just good for your body, but a delight for your taste buds as well. So the first step is to get to know your options and go shopping.”
  2. “The second step is to take a three-week period and do it 100 percent – vegan all day, all the time. But only for a three-week period. That allows you to try on the shoes and sort of walk them around the room for a little bit, so to speak.”
  3. “If you like how you feel after three weeks you can stick with it. For most people they are healthier, they’ve lost weight, they feel better, their energy has improved, and also their tastes have changed so they like the new way of eating.”

This comes from an interview with Dr. Barnard at ecorazzi.

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