How Many People Are Vegan?


Just how many full-time vegans are there?

“The available research puts the figure [of vegans] at around 1% of the USA population.”

That may not sound like a lot, but it translates into MILLIONS of vegans worldwide. If you’re a vegan or a wannabe-vegan, never doubt that there are PLENTY of vegans who can support you.

“Nearly one-quarter of Americans say that they sometimes go meatless at restaurants” … “10% of consumers say they largely follow vegetarian-inclined diets and 5% more are ‘definitely interested’ in shifting to vegetarian-based diets in the future.”

“’Meat reducers,’ ‘semi-vegetarians,’ vegetarians, and vegans are growing segments of consumers. [...] The USDA estimates show declines in red meat consumption. [and...] One in four U.S. adults (25%) is a ‘moderate’ meat consumer who currently consumes meat with ‘about half’ of his or her meals.”

13 Responses to How Many People Are Vegan?

  1. I thought it was less than 1% but the growing population is terrific :)

    ~ Recent blog post: Stay + and MOTIVATED!!! :D ~

  2. Reducing meat consumption is a great way to improve your health. Did you know that cutting meat from your diet just one day a week reduces your saturated fat intake by 15%, which significantly lowers your risk of preventable illnesses like heart disease and stroke.
    If you’re thinking of moving towards a meat-free diet why not start off by having a Meatless Monday? Meatless Monday is a non-profit campaign which encourages Americans to cut meat from their diets once a week to help their health and the environment. We have lots on how to select and prepare meat-free meals that you’re sure to love! Check it out at

  3. I am definately interested in a vegan diet, but I am concerned because I don’t know any sufficent food sources that are alternative to meat or dairy in my diet. Are there any suggestions you may have?

  4. Maura,
    Meat alternatives: tofu, seitan, tempeh, beans & rice, quinoa… also, check out
    Dairy alternatives: for calcium you can eat dark leafy veggies or fortified foods; for taste and mouth feel you can eat vegan cheeses and milks.

  5. I think 1% is very much underestimated. I have never been polled and neither have any of my vegan friends- and we have a very strong vegan community here in the Boston area. By looking at all the new vegan products, restaurants, stores, etc, there is obviously a marketing demand. I think there are more of us out there than “They” want to admit.When I first became vegan, a little over 10 years ago, most of these products just didn’t exist. There has recently been an explosion of vegan products found now even in traditional grocery stores. Just the other day I saw an advertisement for vegan shoes in The Outdoor Store here in my town! When I tell people I’m vegan, they know what it means. They usually say “I know so and so who is vegan.”

  6. Yay vegans. I just turned 16 and have been a vegan for about a year and a vegetarian for two years before that. So far I have turned 2 other people into vegans. Stop animal cruelty!! If you are contemplating on whether or not to become vegan, I advise you to take time to watch the video called Meet Your Meat on YouTube. This video won me over.

  7. Check out this eye opening video i found on foods that our government tells us are safe to eat, but really aren’t. Watching this has completely changed how i see food. If you are at all interested in what you’re putting into your body this is more than worth sitting through the two hour long video.

  8. We need to get that % up! I went vegan sept. 2011, love it! tryin to spread the word. :)

  9. I love being vegan. It just feels better! B12 can be taken as an over the counter vitamin and you can use nutritional yeast just like parmesian cheese to get b12! Otherwise, i believe all nutritional needs can be met with veggies, beans, grains! Just dont fill up with junk food …. Gotta eat whole grains and high quality plant protiens like beans and soy….

  10. so your discussion policy means you either agree with vegan philosophies or do not post your opinions… very one sided..
    chef Steven

  11. Steven helland veganism is very ethical on so many levels idk if you know what ethics are but the world we live in doesn’t put it as their main priority to practice good ethics hence the way our world is. Vegans are more ethical than many people period . Idk why it’s so hard to get people to stop killing innocent beings but I’m assuming by your comment you like murder rape and torture BUT… If I’m wrong then why aren’t you vegan? Because there are no vegans that support murder rape or torture of any kind. Now why is that a bad thing…

  12. Meat eaters can manipulate reality all they want but you just CANT justify murder rape and torture it’s not okay. Gary yourofsky is a great activist check him out if you want the truth not some manipulated reality


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