HBO Special: Death On A Factory Farm

HBO Special: Death On A Factory Farm

Please watch this HBO documentary:

Death on a Factory Farm

From the makers of HBO’s 2006 documentary Dealing Dogs, this film takes a harrowing look at animal cruelty in an Ohio factory hog farm, as chronicled through undercover footage taken by “Pete,” the same animal-rights investigator who appeared in the first film. 

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And please encourage other people to watch this documentary. It WILL change people’s minds. Some people WILL go vegan as a result of watching this film.

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The preview alone will change some people’s minds. The preview ALONE will encourage some people to go vegan. Please spread this preview far and wide.


Here’s a synopsys:

“Each year, ten billion animals are raised for consumption in the U.S., mostly on sprawling, industrialized farms, where virtually no federal laws mandate how the animals are treated – though guidelines exist – and state laws are ineffective. As a result, animals are frequently subjected to what many consider cruel treatment and inhumane conditions in the interest of economic efficiency. DEATH ON A FACTORY FARM chronicles an investigation into alleged abuses that took place at a hog farm in Creston, Ohio. This shocking documentary is produced by Tom Simon (a seven-time Emmy® winner) and Sarah Teale, producer of the 2006 HBO special “Dealing Dogs,” which received two Emmy® nominations, including Best Documentary. ”

[...] “hogs were being hung by chains and strangled to death”[...]

“Over the course of six weeks, Pete secretly filmed numerous disturbing scenes, including piglets being tossed into crates from across a room, impregnated sows held in pens that don’t allow them to move, an unhealthy piglet being slammed against a wall to [kill him or her], and a sick sow being hung by a chain from a forklift until it choked to death. [...]

“DEATH ON A FACTORY FARM is seven-time Emmy® winner Tom Simon’s second film for HBO. Sarah Teale’s previous HBO credits include “Dealing Dogs,” “Bellevue: Inside Out” and “Mumia Abu Jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?,” which received a CableACE Award. “

Mark your calenders, set your DVR, tell your friends!


23 Responses to HBO Special: Death On A Factory Farm

  1. I’ll start mentioning it on relevant blogs.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I don’t have HBO, but will plan a trip to mom’s to watch it at her place.

    ~ Recent blog post: Girl Talk: Cloth Period Pads & Panties – I’ve Always Been Intrigued ~

  3. I’m familiar with the filmmaker. Her documentary on the Mumia Abu-Jamal case is great. I hope lots of people see this one!

  4. I have a Facebook acct that’s just family and friends so I kinda have a captive audience, the link is on there for all to see, hope it makes an impact!

  5. I am watching this now and i am so disgusted. I admit i do eat pork but this can change my mind. This is so sick and im pissed off at what i am seeing. I just watched a baby pig be hit to not even death but left to bleed out to death. What kinda of mess is that. These are people who commit murdur. They are terrorst. In criminal minds murders do this to animals. How can the USA let this go on. This needs to be brought to our new president who i support annd be stopped. The ones who do tihs are the animals more then the pigs. These people are sick and if i could come thru the tv and do something i would.

  6. this is an eye opener and this is coming from a non vegitarian we should go back to the indians way instead of mocking it. the Government needs to do something about this.

  7. I was so shocked and disgusted by the actions of these people. It really opened my eyes. I can’t stop thinking about the babies being killed and the hole in the back with all of the dead sows – I will never forget. Being an animal lover – it makes me sick that anyone would do this.

  8. I lived on a farm during the impressabe years of 0-7. At the ripe age of 60 I still have nightmares of the death of animals there. I remember my brother and I would get a couple of baby pigs and play with them. The mama pig would have killed us if she had caught us, but we managed to get away. We played with them like thet were little babies.
    We gave them food, and soon they were as much into the game as as we were.

    We never dreamed of hurthing them, but I’m sure it was torture just the same for mama to be without her piglets. I remember the day my Dad killed the hogs and even piglets. Mother tried to keep us away from the windows, but she couldn’t. I saw enough horror to last a lifetimeoscreams terror,gun shot.They all knew what was coming.

    In the documentary, those men enjoyed the pain and the horror they were causing. Indifference othis pain and horror is what we need to stop. There are not so many people who can feel nothing when they when they inflict this kind of hell but there is a world of people who can turn their backs to it and pretend it doese’ nt happen.

    So hard to live in this world,

    Phyllis Jones

  9. If we took footage inside of an american home and witnessed child abuse in that home, perhaps even severe child abuse, what would we do? Would we accuse every parent of being child abusers? Would we look to ban child birth? Or would we look to establish mimium standards of conduct and address the bad actors?

  10. Joe,
    That the court found the defendants “not guilty’ on all but one count proves how common these practices are. Before watching Death on a Factory Farm, I didn’t know that the legal and agricultural connotation of “euthanasia” included hanging sows or beating piglets to death, did you?

  11. This special is absolutely unbelievable. There is just no reason to be so cruel and inhumane. Hopefully this documentary will affect the pork industry until extreme changes are made and proven. I am not going to purchase pork for a very very long time.

  12. It’s time for young people to say no to the health care DC plan and end factory farms. The DC Health Care Plan is meaningless given the type of food most Americans eat. Young Americans must say no to DC Health Care and end factory farms now. Contact to get involved.

  13. I hate the “foodies” on the food network who talk about bacon like it’s some precious commodity. I am sure they are really nice people, but chefs act like they are brain surgeons and make too much about gourmet food. People stuff themselves on horribly processed, diseased, mistreated animals whose meat causes cancer in humans due to the way it’s processed. If everyone was like me and many of the people writing in here, 95% of restaurants and grocery stores would go out of business. We have to teach our children about all this hypocracy and greed.

  14. I watched the HBO show tonight. Just finished watching it. I admire “Pete” for his many identities as he travels and has to change it often for his saftey. He is a brave guy and I appreciate his efforts in caring for farm animals. Yes, they are animals bread for consumption, but that doesn’t mean that they should be abused and tortured. I find it disgusting that this Wiler’s farm hanged pigs. I found it disturbing that were confined to small areas during pregnancy, and the piglets were thrown about like trash when transporting them. These issues need to be brought up, not to mention the dead animals laying around that were disposed of and died of God knows what. I hope those farmers learn a lesson and will realize pigs are animals and they do cry (called squealing if they weren’t smart enough to figure it out). They should be ashamed of themselves for being such insensitive jerks. May they suffer in life as they have caused suffering on those animals. Pete, great job, you did awesome and thank you for caring, you did the best you could.

  15. I was horrified watching this undercover documentation on pig farming…..I cried and got so angry. Those horrible farmers….grinning and laughing as they tortured the baby pigs by smacking their heads against walls….tossing the one baby pig into a slop pail while it was still twitching in it’s death thros… disrespect for animals that were being raised to provide food…..filty inhumane conditions in their barns…what nasty nasty people these pig raisers are. Farmers are good people who respect the land and respect their animals…..this pig farm was straight out of hell….that judge was pitiful……..shame on him. The smirks on the defendent’s faces when the no guilty verdicts were read….TERRIBLE. Thank god for the wonderful men of law who did the work of prosecution… they said, they brought this all to light….and thank you to HBO for airing this. It was one of the most painful things I have ever forced myself to watch but when I saw the horros of that pig farm, I felt obligated to educate myself to the torture and treatment of animals. I really will not be eating any more pork….and I am going to look into how other food supply animals are treated.
    I hope to see more documentaries on this. God B;ess the undercover camerman who did this….and keep him safe. Thank you HBO…..we are all stewards on this earth during our brief journey here.

  16. I had nightmares for weeks after watching this doco even until this day it haunts me. I have now become a vegan after 40years and have not looked back. It has only been 6mths and it was not easy at first learning about food, products i use in the home even down to the clothes i buy. My mind and body had become a lot healthier in more ways than one, saving money and loosing weight!! I made a lot of new friends that are Vegan (there are so many!!) we get together and have the most amazing dinner party’s and interesting conversations, loving my new social group, even meat eaters will come and go away thinking which is a start especially when they hear i am a new born Vegan myself.
    The only 2 issues i may have is that i am a photographer and the photo paper i use has pig in it, I have been looking for other alternatives but no luck, maybe someone else may know? The other issues are the animals, 2 dogs and a cat, i did try the vegan dog food & cat but they just turned there noses up for days, its all trial and error lets hope they change their minds like I did.
    Next week I am having a vegi patch put in the back yard, lets hope i have a green thumb!

    I have now become involved with Peta and donate to some of their charities, had no idea on how much of a great effect they have all over the world, I am so happy to be doing something that i now feel passionate about at last.

    No more tortured souls for this little duck……I hope 1 day there are more and more stories like mine that can make a difference.

    Proud to be a Vegan ;D

  17. I watched this documentary about 2 weeks ago and could not bear to get through the entire thing because I was so mortified. I eat meat, but this really made me consider what I am eating. I absolutely love animals and think that cruelty to animals is beyond wrong and should be seriously considered by the govt to change laws allowing these practices. The thing that scared me the most is that animals are essentially just like any human, they have feelings and a life within them, whether they are bred for consumption or not and if these workers can kill (or should I say slaughter?) then whats stopping these sick people from actually killing a person? To many, it’s essentially the same concept, isnt it? I just want to add that i think its great that HBO put their name on this and produced a documentary with such a powerful message.

  18. I think these pig farmers should get the same treatment and they gave those poor pigs. How can they call themselves farmers..they aren’t..they are just sick individuals who are selfish and cruel. I hope they die a very cruel death when it comes to their turn..some horrid disease where they have to endure extreme pain and suffering before they die. Now that is karma..and what goes around, comes around.

  19. I turned vegetarian after looking further into factory farms… humans were NOT meant to eat meat- our bodies were NOT made for it-some meat can stay and rot in your body for up to several years, if not longer! It is healthier for the human AND animal that we don’t eat meat!
    Besides that, you are what you eat! Look into what those animals are fed (other sick downer animals, etc)
    The people who eat meat are just as guilty as the slaughterers, because they are the ones providing demand for this!
    The only way to stop this treatment is STOP DEMAND FOR THE MEAT and share with others the facts we know about the TRUTH!

  20. You guys have a good point. Animal farming is cruel and disgusting but to ban the killing of animals as a food source is an insane notion that may be a vision of a perfect world but as you can see the world is not perfect. Do you think we choose to go to war. No, of course not but there has to be someone to defend innocents from the indecency of more corrupted individuals and fight for freedom and peace. The way these people kill animals should be stopped but all we need to do is regulate farming so it is more humane. We should impose laws about how they should be raised and slaughtered so that it does not cause pain. Hanging is a long and painful death that was reserved for criminals and is wrong and cruel.

  21. So many people know about this. I really think we need to start doing more to stop this, like so many other things in this world. When are we going to start fighting like we should?


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