Got Milk?

Got Milk? defines the word “milk”:

1. an opaque white or bluish-white liquid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals, serving for the nourishment of their young.
2. this liquid as secreted by cows, goats, or certain other animals and used by humans for food or as a source of butter, cheeses, yogurt, etc.
3. any liquid resembling this, as the liquid within a coconut, the juice or sap of certain plants, or various pharmaceutical preparations.

–verb (used with object)
4. to press or draw milk from the udder or breast of.
5. to extract something from as if by milking.
6. to get something from; exploit: The swindler milked her of all her savings.
7. to extract; draw out: He’s good at milking laughs from the audience.

Now, I will use the word in a sentence:

The dairy industry, which exploits grieving mother cows ignores the primary definition of the word “milk” by removing calves from their mothers and feeding them nutritionally-deficient substances prior to slaughter and consumption as veal, is urging the FDA to restrict the definition the word “milk” because they think this political move may prevent loss of profit from health-oriented, environmentally-concerned, and compassionate consumers who prefer healthy, humane non-dairy milks like soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, or coconut milk.

One Response to Got Milk?

  1. I have become a Vegan principally for ethical and secondarily for health reasons. As many other people, I had slept for years without being aware of the immense suffering in our upside down world, filled with greed, insensitivity and irrationality. It became spontaneous and natural for me in a very short time to identify myself with veganism, ahimsa and a buddhist-like philosophy. It causes me constant pain and frustration thinking of the mistreatment of animals at the hands of mankind. I see animals as innocent children unable to defend themselves or flee from those who don’t believe in their right to live and be happy. I believe that once a person becomes conscious of the reality behind the meat, dairy and fur industry, it is extremely sad, just to use a euphemism, not to become part of a radical change.


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