GobbleGreen: LA’s New Entry Into Vegan Delivery

GobbleGreen: LA’s New Entry Into Vegan Delivery

There is a new entry into the vegan frozen delivery service field: GobbleGreen, based in Los Angeles. This service offers delivery of a range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, and as well as specific meal plans and diets (“kits”) so customers can just select a plan and be done. The company also offers a virtual gym portal – individualized assistance in reaching your health and body goals.

I learned of this company through Groupon. GobbleGreen offered either a Vegan Starter Kit for about half the usual price or a combination of individual dishes worth $200 for $100. I chose the latter. I tried some breakfast items, some lunch, and several dinner. This was a great way to sample the products. I did not use up my $200 worth on the first run, figuring I’d save the rest for reorders when I learned what I liked best. In the following review I’ll discuss: 1) Cost;  2) Taste;  3) Convenience, and finally make a recommendation.

Meals are individually packaged in black paper dishes, sealed with plastic, or in freezer bags. Everything is frozen and packed with dry ice.  Shipping is free within the Los Angeles area (and sometimes a little beyond), as well as for orders over $250 in the continental U.S. Otherwise shipping ranges from $35 to $45, and may include an additional charge of $5 to %15 for dry ice, depending on your location. In my experience with frozen food delivery services, these charges are reasonable.
Cost per dish runs from $2.25 for a muffin to about $9 for an individual dinner dish  (quantity discounts are available). When you order four of one dish the total cost is reduced by about $3.  It looks like the average dinner dish is $7 or $8. This is a little pricey for a small dish, but it’s always hard to put a price on convenience and variety.

When my package arrived I put almost everything in my freezer. I put some salads into the fridge. Salads are made with beans, grains, and vegetables like cabbage and carrots, which freeze well. The three I chose were Ginger Thai Salad, Chickpea Salad, and Southwestern Salad. For breakfast foods I chose the Chickpea Breakfast Scramble, the Mushroom Scramble with “Cheese”, the Apple Carrot Muffin, and Blueberry Muffin. The lunch and dinner dishes I chose were Green Beans with Tofu and Roasted Almonds, Kung Pao “Chicken” with steamed broccoli, Cashew Pesto Pasta, Sesame Tofu and Vegetables with Steamed Brown Rice, Fettuccine Alredo with peas and broccoli, and Vegetable Paella with “Chicken”.

Vegetable Paella

The muffins were delicious. Generous in size, nice light texture, flavorful. One muffin is $2.25. You can get a dozen for $10.99, however. I am contemplating delivery of maybe a half-dozen Apple-Carrot muffins now.

Mushroom Scramble

The mushroom scramble was quite tasty (although not especially attractive), which I suspect had something to do with the “cheese” – which is Daiya, by the way. The chickpea scramble was a bit watery and not particularly memorable. I wanted it to be better because not everything has to be made from tofu, and because I am fond of chickpeas.

Chickpea Salad

The green beans with tofu and almonds was fair. I had difficulty finding the almonds. The beans were nicely cooked, and the tofu decent, considering it was microwaved. The Fettuccine Alfredo was very much like the original dairy version, and unfortunately almost as fatty. I wished there were a little bit more in the dish. There was more in the cashew pesto pasta, I’m happy to say, as I had no trouble eating it. The Kung Pao “Chicken” (the chick is soy-based meat) has the right flavors but is too heavy on the fat content for my taste. I remembered McDougall’s Kung Pao Noodles – a different dish but with similar flavors and a much lighter touch. If I were to order the Kung Pao Chicken again I’d fix some rice or noodles to serve with it.

Kung Pao "Chicken" with Steamed Broccoli

Speaking of what to serve with, the steamed broccoli came in its own dishes. Every one of them overcooked and yet frequently woody as well. A real disappointment. I can see no reason for this culinary misstep. GobbleGreen, just put some frozen florets into a dish and you’re done.

The Sesame Tofu and Vegetables with Steamed Brown Rice was good, if also a little high in fat. The Vegetable Paella didn’t impress me. Speaking of the fat content, the nutritional content of each dish is available on the website.

Orders placed M – S are sent out the following week, in most cases.  So you can have your dishes in a matter of days. Every dish is packed individually, so if you order four servings you get four individual dishes. This arrangement pretty much assures there won’t be leftovers. No food waste unless you just don’t like the dish. The dishes are small enough to pack into corners of your freezer, not taking a lot of room. This compares favorably with the boxed packages we tend to buy at the grocery store.

If you have days when you don’t want to worry about dinner (or lunch or breakfast) you might want to look into this option. Certainly there is more variety than we can find at the local store, and the prices are fairly comparable to those at health food markets like Whole Foods. The ingredients are primarily organic, without preservatives. The food is not gourmet-quality and tends toward high-fat but there are exceptions. There are gluten-free and sugar-free options, as well as an interesting variety of “meal plans”.  GobbleGreen even does catering in the southern California area. I wasn’t bowled over by the food but I liked it well enough to try again.

I would like to hear from others who have tried the same or different dishes than I have.

One Response to GobbleGreen: LA’s New Entry Into Vegan Delivery

  1. I enrolled in their Vegan Weight Loss program about 2 years ago. I can only say the following:

    Shipments always had missing items
    Food portions were far too large for a weight loss program
    Food was high in fats, therefore too high in calories for a weight loss program
    Some of the items were tasteless and a waste

    Unless they have MASSIVELY IMPROVED their preparation, recipes AND shipments, I could not and would not suggest anyone use them for weight loss.


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